Formula One 2022 Team Sponsors: Aston Martin

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Aston Martin Sponsors 2022

After making their debut in the 1959 season, Aston Martin endured two pointless seasons in 1959 and 1960. The team left the sport following the 1960 season.
In January 2020, Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll bought a 16.7% stake in Aston Martin and rebranded the Racing Point team into Aston Martin. Following their return to the sport in 2021, the Silverstone-based team scored their first-ever podium at the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel finished second.
Here are Aston Martin’s sponsors going into the 2022 season.

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Aston Martin Title Partner / Sponsor


Aston Martin announced their return to Formula One with a landmark sponsorship deal with IT firm Cognizant. The pair joined hands together in January 2021, which saw Cognizant join as the title sponsor of the team. 
As per the deal, Cognizant also offers its IT services to help the team with computing and software solutions in a digital transformation role.

Aston Martin’s Global Partners / Sponsors


In February 2021, Super Premium alcohol-free beer brand Peroni Libera 0.0% signed a long-term partnership agreement with the British racing team. Peroni provides its alcohol-free product to global audiences and also has it served at the events across the Formula One calendar each season. The partnership also sees the Peroni Libera 0.0% logo on the Aston Martin race car and race-suits of the drivers.


In March 2021, Aston Martin announced a multi-year partnership with global cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com. The deal sees the Crypto.com logo feature on the Aston Martin car, with the firm working towards curating exclusive fan experiences for the supporters of the British team and traders as well.
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The British manufacturer of equipment for construction, agriculture, and waste handling, and demolition has been a sponsor of the team since 2019, since their Racing Point days.
JCB renewed its partnership with the team after they were rebranded as Aston Martin in 2021, with the deal seeing the JCB logo present on the F1 team’s cars.

Juniper Networks

Network provider Juniper Networks was announced as a partner of Aston Martin in December 2021. The deal sees Juniper Network serve the team as their Official Networking Equipment Vendor and provide them with a network platform at their headquarters. The Juniper logo also appears on the Aston Martin race car halo.


In March 2021, Aston Martin signed a multi-year partnership with cloud software and data management firm Netapp.
Netapp provides Aston Martin with data that helps the team with strategic decisions, gauging performance and making refinements to the car. Netapp also provides data security in full compliance with the team’s intellectual property.


In June 2021, audio and video solutions company EPOS signed a deal with Aston Martin. The deal will see EPOS provide the Aston Martin Esports team with a range of products from its gaming portfolio.


Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux was announced as the Official Timekeeper of the team in February 2021.
The deal puts the Girard-Perregaux branding present on the Aston Martin race car. The two parties also collaborated to launch the Laureato Chronograph Aston Martin Edition, an exclusive edition during the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.


In May 2021, Aston Martin—along with Alfa Romeo—became one of the first Formula One teams to launch their own Fan Tokens on fan engagement and rewards platform Socios.com.


Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli is the Official Tyre Supplier of the Aston Martin team given its deal with Formula One.


Canadian business jets manufacturer Bombardier signed a partnership agreement with Aston Martin in March 2021. The partnership sees Aston Martin collaborate on custom design services for Bombardier business jets.


The Italian denim specialist clothing brand was announced as a partner of the Aston Martin team in February 2021. As the Official Denim Partner of the team, REPLAY has Aston Martin’s drivers endorsing its products for their off-track duties.


Short-form social video platform TikTok joined the Aston Martin team as their Official Creator Partner in July 2021. The partnership sees Aston Martin work with TikTok’s in-house creatives and the platform’s community to explore engagement opportunities, including exclusive social output on the team’s own TikTok account. 
TikTok also works on various social media campaigns with behind-the-scenes content, ranging from drivers and engineers to team chefs, etc.


In February 2022, Aston Martin inked a long-term deal with Aramco, which saw the team renamed to Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team.
The partnership will see both parties work towards developing high-performance sustainable fuels, advanced lubricants, highly efficient internal combustion engines and the deployment of non-metallic materials in vehicles. 


In November 2022, ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Aston Martin roped in Brazilian investment management firm XP as their Official Global Financial Services Partner. The partnership allows XP to use the platform to reach out to wider audiences, while the XP branding is present on the top-chassis and rear-wing endplates of the Aston Martin race car (and also on the team kit and overalls of the race and test drivers of Aston Martin from the 2023 season onwards).

Porto Seguro

Ahead of the 2022 season finale in Abu Dhabi, Aston Martin announced Brazilian insurance firm Porto Seguro as an Official Team Partner. The partnership kicked off from the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and sees the Porto Seguro branding present on the front wing end plates of the Aston Martin race car.

Aston Martin’s Official Suppliers


In March 2021, global eyewear brand Oakley was announced as an Official Partner of the Aston Martin team. The multi-year technical supply partnership sees both Aston Martin drivers endorse Oakley eyewear off track.


Global gear bag design and manufacturing firm OGIO signed a multi-year deal with the British racing team in April 2021. The deal sees OGIO serve the F1 team as their Official Team Luggage Supplier.


British menswear brand Hackett London expanded its partnership with the Aston Martin brand when it partnered the Aston Martin Formula One team in March 2021. Hackett London has been a partner of the brand since 2004 and signed a three-year partnership with the Formula One team in 2021. 
Hackett serves as the Official Travel wear and Office wear Supplier for the Formula One team, providing their drivers and the rest of the team with travel and office attire.


Global enterprise software solution provider IFS was announced as an Official Partner of the Aston Martin team in June 2021. The deal sees Aston Martin use IFS technology such as the IFS ERP solutions to track costs, guide investment decisions and development decisions. The team have IFS provide them with a ‘pound for lap time’ ratio analysis, which helps them analyse which components help deliver the fastest lap times in the most cost-effective manner.
Additionally, Aston Martin also uses the IFS Supply Chain Management, which includes its inventory management solution to track where and when parts are used.


In June 2021, Aston Martin announced a partnership with global technology company Altair, a company known for providing solutions in simulation, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. As per the deal, the team use the Altair Grid Engine to optimise their high-performance computing infrastructure with Altair’s workload scheduling and management solutions.


High-performance computing headquartered digital workspace management and VDI solutions provider ebb3 was announced as an official partner of the team in 2021. 
Aston Martin uses ebb3’s technologies such as Cisco’s HyperFlex Infrastructure to deliver data-intensive and high-performance applications safely.


British IT and communications service provider STL became an Official Partner of the team in early 2021.


British clothing brand Pelmark has been a long-time partner of the Aston Martin brand. Upon the return of the brand to Formula One, both parties expanded their partnership which saw Pelmark provide the F1 team with lifestyle accessories and apparel for off-track duties.

Voip Unlimited

British voice and internet connectivity services provider Voip Unlimited has been an Official Supplier of the team since their Racing Point days.


One of the leaders in workspace scheduling technology, Condeco has been a long-time sponsor of the Aston Martin team since their Force India days back in 2016, Even after the team were rebranded as Aston Martin, Condeco continued their partnership with them and continues to provide them with its tech services.


German helmet producer Schuberth is another brand which has been a partner of the team since its Force India days. Schuberth provides the Aston Martin pit crew with helmets for the race weekends.


One of the world’s premier performance motorsport protection, apparel and footwear company, Alpinestars is an Official Supplier of the Aston Martin team.
Alpinestars provides the team with race suits, boots, gloves and technical underwear, all of which are designed not only to provide the ultimate safety but also optimised performance.


In April 2022, gaming peripherals brand Tesoro was announced as an Official Partner of the Aston Martin Formula One team. The partnership sees Tesoro work with Aston Martin to design and release two AMF1 Team gaming chairs: Prime and Stealth. Each chair is designed around the legacy of Aston Martin and features a distinctive lime-essence stripe down the middle in a nod to Aston Martin’s racing green livery.


Aston Martin announced global fashion brand BOSS as the team’s Official Fashion Partner in June 2022. The partnership sees BOSS design and develop formal wear for the Aston Martin drivers and also travel wear for the entire team. The partnership sees BOSS branding visible on the Aston Martin race car.

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