Everything you need to know about wet room matting

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Everything you need to know about wet room matting

So, you are finally finished! You have your perfect wet room ready and can’t wait to use it. However, before you hop under the shower, you may want to consider matting for your floors. As we all know tiles can get extremely slippery and pose slip and fall dangers – this is where wet room matting comes in. Here’s everything you need to know.


Let’s start with the differences between a shower room and a wet room. The main difference is that a wet room will usually not have a shower screen and tray and will be tiled top to bottom. If your room is on the smaller side, however, a screen can be included so everything else does not get wet.

Let’s talk mats!

Wet room mats are PVC matting on rolls or in tile form that are extremely slip-resistant and have a good grip to reduce the mat slipping on the tiles, as well. Whether it is for your home wet room or you run a business like a leisure centre that has wet rooms and pools, slip-resistant matting is a must. Matting for wet rooms allows water to drain through the holes in the mat, preventing standing water which can lead to slips and trips.

Wet room matting benefits

Wet room mats have more benefits than just helping to prevent slips and falls. Usually, these mats have a thin microplastic surface that resists fungal and bacterial growth, which is a major concern in places where there is going to be a lot of footfall. They are also designed with maximum drainage in mind. Many designs will include thousands of small holes and studded undersides to help water drain from the surface of the mat and away from the surface. On top of all this mat will provide a comfortable surface to step on.

Wet room mats are made from specially formulated PVC that is durable, versatile and lightweight.

Their maintenance is easy. The best way to keep your mats clean is to spray them with a high-pressure water jet on the top and bottom to get any debris and dirt out.

The right fit

With wet room mats you can fit them for your purposes. You can choose from tiles that will fit into each other and cover your whole floor from wall to wall. You can also try a roll-out mat or one you can cut to fit your wet room perfectly. There are many designs and colours out there, so you don’t have to compromise on style. You can have a mat that matches your design or opt for a contrasting colour. The choice is yours.

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