About us

Who Are We?

Sportskhabri.com is a one-stop platform that keeps you up to date with all the sports information related to sponsorships, endorsements, branding, and real money gaming. Genuine, comprehensive, and 360-degree coverage, we bring out everything about sports under the sun, including the sun!

Why Are We Here?

Endorsements in sports have gained popularity in recent times, so much so that now many sports leagues, sports teams, and athletes seek to have at least one in their kitties. The enormous amount of money that goes into these deals helps the brands, the players, and the teams; it also trickles down to many others who work in the sports industry.

Sportskhabri.com is the only platform globally that dedicatedly covers sponsorship deals of various athletes and sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Chess, NBA, Formula 1, Badminton, Poker. Not just this, for every sport/team/club in the world, we list down all that we can find about their individual brand associations.

For our gaming segment, we aim to bring about a new perspective on Poker as a strategic game rather than a game of gamble. Our team gets in touch with Poker players, platforms worldwide, and shares their opinions with our audience. With inputs straight from the horse’s mouth, we wish to facilitate a first-hand understanding of the game of Poker for our readers. After all, what can be a better proposition than broadening your thinking horizon of thinking while having fun?!