Top 10 Female Squash Players in India

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Top 10 Female Squash Players in India

Indian squash is surely moving in the right direction and getting the recognition is deserves. Joshna Chinappa’s display in the Commonwelth Games in Birminghman has certainly caught the attention of sports enthusiasts. Female athletes are on the rise in India and the ones making the mark on the international stage. From Mirabai Chanu to PV Sindhu, athletes from various sports are inspiring the younger generation. 
In light of the above, the following are currently the top 10 female squash players in India. 

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Joshna Chinappa

Joshna Chinappa is currently the biggest name in the Indian squash circuit. Born in Chennai, the twenty-five-year-old is the female flagbearer of Indian squash. She currently ranks seventeenth in the world and is making her mark in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. 

She was also amongst the top players in the world during the start of 2022 before falling off later in the year. Chinappa won the Asian Championship in 2017 and lost out in the final of the Hong Kong International during the same year. 

Her other achievements in the sport include winning the Victorian Open and the NSCI Open in 2016 and finishing second in the HKFC International during the 2015/16 season. She was among the first Indians to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in a doubles event during the 2014 Games. 

Akanksha Salunke

Akanksha Salunke is just twenty-three years old and one of the youngest players on this list. She currently ranks eighty-seventh in the PSA World Rankings which is her highest ever international ranking. Salunke had a successful junior career, during which she won twenty-three domestic titles and three international titles. 

In terms of making it professional, 2022 is the first season for the youngster on tour, and many will be expecting her to add to the list of accolades she has already received. 

Tanvi Khanna

Tanvi Khanna is a twenty-six-year-old hailing from New Delhi, India. She is currently ranked ninety-second in the PSA World rankings. Khanna made her debut professionally in 2016, after which she had quite some success on Indian Tours.

She broke into the top 100 ranked players for the first time in 2021. She won two titles in the India Tour in 2021. Her victories came in Chennai and Noida during the tour. 

She hit her all time high ranking during 2022 where she made it top the top seventy-five in the world. She also boasts of a seventy percent win record. 

Sunayna Kuruvilla 

Sunayna Kuruvilla is among the youngest players on this list. The twenty-three-year-old hails from Cochin in India. She is one of the few who have broken into the top seventy-five ranked players from India. Her first final on tour came in 2017 during the North Coast Open when she lost out to Tamika Hunt. 

She also made it to the final of the Indian Tour in 2019. She made the final in her home town of Delhi during the same tour. 

Urwashi Joshi

Urwashi Joshi has been around the squash circuit for a bit but has not played as many tournaments as the others on this list. She is currently twenty-six years old and hails from Maharashtra. She is ranked a hundred and seventy-fifth in the World according to PSA’s rankings at the moment. She has taken part in just eight tournaments so far. 

Anjali Semwal 

Anjali Semwal is aged only 20 and hails from Vasind, a city in Maharashtra. She is currently ranked 195 according PSA’s World rankings and is standing at her highest ever ranking. 

Semwal has only played two tournaments played thus far and will be looking to add to that number in the coming years. 

Abhisheka Shannon

Abhisheka Shannon, the eighteen year old from Chennai is establishing herself in the International squash circuit. Currently ranked two hundred and fifth, she hit her highest mark of a rank of a hundred and fifty seven in 2021 according to PSA’s World Rankings. 

She has been around since 2019 and has taken part in six tournaments so far. 

Sachika Balvani

Sachika Balwani has been around the International squash circuit for a while now. The Mumbai based twenty-eight year old is currently ranked two hundred and sixth. She hit her all time high ranking in 2021 when she ranked hundred and twelfth. 

She has a win ratio of less than fifty percent, a stat she would want to improve upon in the coming years. 

Janet Vidhi

Janet Vidhi also falls in the experienced category of players on this list. The girl from Delhi is currently ranked two hundred and thirty seventh according to the PSA World rankings. She kicked off her international career in 2014 and peaked in 2017 when she held a world ranking of eighty eight. 

Vidhi has taken part in thirty three tournaments thus far. 

Aparijitha Balamurukan

Aparijitha Balamurukan

Aparijitha Balamurukan from Erode is twenty-eight years old. She currently holds a rank of two hundred and thirty seven according to the PSA world rankings. She began her international career in 2010. She ranked highest during her initial year in the sport when she held a rank of seventy seven. 

Over her twelve year long career, she has taken part in forty tournaments, and has a win ratio of a less than fifty percent. 

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