Top 10 Poker Playing nations 2020

November 7, 2020

Poker is a game that many people love and is played in many countries as a source of entertainment and making some money while having fun. After seeing the spreading trend of poker, many websites have even started online poker services that are safe and bring you the game to your households. However, some countries don’t support the spread of this game due to some reasons. Let us take a look at the top 10 countries where Poker is the most popular:

10. Germany – Germany has given the world many good Poker pros, which indicates that the country favors the game and doesn’t take it for granted. Statistics tell us that about 68,000 searches for the term poker were recorded in the country, which is quite impressive. However, online poker is banned in the country, so it has to be at the tenth place on the list.

9. India – India is a country that can be rising enormously in terms of poker. In the last 5 years, there has been a lot of growth in poker players across the country. Online poker websites are rising in number as well. As of now, Poker is not allowed to be played on land, so all of the casinos in India (around 15) are in the water in the form of cruise ships and are mostly situated in Goa.

8. Italy – With no restrictions on online and offline poker, Italy can definitely be considered a place to play poker. It has a total of 36 Casinos in the whole country, which more than enough if you want to go and play at a live table.

7. United Kingdom – The UK is also a country where poker is pretty popular and gives you many options if you want to try a hand at one of the live tables down there. The country has 138 Casinos, which is why the country’s rising popularity of the game. Online poker is also completely legal, but people prefer to go and play live.

6. France – France has to be in the list of popular poker countries as its leading Parisian Poker salon Aviation Club de France conducts the World Poker Tour tournament. Each year, the number of players doubles the records. The country also has 160 state-licensed casinos, which offers many options for people to place their bets. Online poker sees a big attendance as well.

5. Malaysia – Malaysia has become a poker loving nation in the past 5 years. The people out there love poker so much that there are two kinds of people – Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims don’t support poker and consider it a sin, whereas the non-Muslims play nothing but poker. However, most people play poker online as there is only one casino in Malaysia that only offers in-house poker and not with other people.

4. Canada – Canada has produced some good professional players in the past and has a love for poker, second to none. The country has 219 Casinos all over the country, which has a pretty good attendance throughout the year. Online Poker, too has seen some great players from this country.

3. Brazil – Brazil is a poker loving nation as well, along with its love for football. Almost 60% of the country’s population plays poker, which is a mind-blowing stat to look at. There are 10 Casinos in Brazil, which are generally jam-packed, and many people play online poker.

2. Indonesia – It was a tough fight for the 2nd Spot in this list between Indonesia and Brazil. Still, Indonesia had to take a slight advantage because of the popularity of the game all over the country. Although gambling is banned in the country, there are reportedly over 4000 Online poker websites in Indonesia, which sees a lot of traffic. 

1. United States of America – U.S.A is deservedly on the list as it is the most popular country for poker. Many of the top players in poker are from the states. The country has a massive total of 460 casinos worldwide, which covers a lot of people coming and playing poker each year. Online poker is famous as well, which was seen by the 1,00,000 plus searches online for it.

Written By
Shashwat Nishant

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