FaZe Clan launch ‘FaZe Subs’

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FaZe Clan partners with DoorDash to announce new venture

North American esports, gaming and lifestyle organisation FaZe Clan have announced the launch of a new business venture along with food delivery platform DoorDash. ‘FaZe Subs’, as it is known, will see FaZe Clan offer a wide range of sandwiches inspired by members of the organisation. 

FaZe Clan have worked with Virtual Dining Concepts Culinary Director, TV personality and chef Eric Greenspan to create a speciality menu which will be available on the DoorDash platform from July 26, 2022 across 23 states in the USA.

Speaking about the deal, Brian ‘FaZe Rug’ Rafat Awadis commented:

I love that FaZe Clan is always down to let us try new things so of course when I heard we were doing FaZe Subs, I wanted to make my dream sandwich with my favourite chips directly in it for that extra crunch.

I had a lot of fun creating this with Chef Eric and I want the fans to know I made this for them when they take that first bite. I can’t wait for people to give The Rugfather and the rest of the FaZe Subs menu a try.

Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan, added:

FaZe Subs marks our first foray into a virtual food brand. This ghost kitchen venture is an example of leveraging the FaZe platform into new revenue streams.

As a pioneering brand born on the internet, FaZe is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the creator economy’s evolution beyond traditional ad-based revenue to more scalable product-based revenue.

This is the first initiative between FaZe Clan and DoorDash, with the two having partnered earlier this year in May. 

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