Online Poker: Start Playing the Right Way!

October 27, 2020

Whether you are playing at a live table or participating in an online game, a person always has to have a sense of strategy while playing the game as it is a game of tactics, bluffing, and more of the same sort. Online Poker has changed the style of playing different games as now a player can take outside assistance strategy as well while playing a particular game. Here are some tips for you to ace your first few games in Online Poker:

Begin by playing Low Stakes Poker – For any player to get familiar with the nuances of online poker games, he/she should always start by playing the games with low stakes involved in it. This will not only help the player to not think about the bets they are going to lose but will also focus on playing solid poker first. You never know who you might cross paths with, which is why playing the high-stake games can easily lead to the player being overwhelmed by the competition and lose confidence in the beginning.

Try and get used to the new aspects of online poker – To have an easy first few games for yourself, one has to get familiar with the new formats and aspects of the online game, such as using the Time-Bank feature, etc. Another such aspect that will need time to get used to is the time limit for the bets, which will be considerably low compared to the live tables. Easing into online poker is the best strategy rather than going headfirst into it.


Start by Playing a Single Table – One of the most rookie mistakes one can make is to try and use the feature of playing on multiple tables at a time, which is one aspect of online games. However, unless you are not familiar with a single table game and are not winning there comfortably, you should not move further. Once the confidence is there, then the player should start adding one table at a time.

Create a distraction-free zone for playing – To have an environment that is free from every other distraction while playing online poker is an essential part of being a good online poker player. If you are wandering around in between hands, watching television, or are even surfing the net, this will do nothing but make you miss the important moments which could be important for you in future games.

Master the Art of Bluffing – Bluffing is by far the most effective and most difficult task to master in the game of poker. It can give a player the chance to win every game even if he/she doesn’t have a good hand to put bets on. The important part, though, is to use it very smartly to your benefit.

These few beginner tips for online Poker can be very useful if used properly and religiously and can make you one of the best players out there!

Written By
Shashwat Nishant

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