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October 28, 2020

In this new era of advancements, almost everything has gone digital, and although the value of everything can’t be regained virtually, some things can be replicated to their original value. For example, the transition of Offline Poker to Online Poker might have lost some of the players in the way, but it has definitely added a lot more to this game as well. However, the debate still goes on as to which format of the game is better than the other. If you look at all the essential things for a Poker game, both the formats have their pros and cons. Let us compare both the formats on a pro and con basis:



1. All the players who are taking part in the game get to talk to each other beforehand, which allows them to assess the game’s difficulty level, and they can even strategize their game plan ahead of the game.

2. The players can use different tactics to distract others from their games as well.


3. One gets to enjoy the Posh environment and glamour that comes hand in hand with the game.

4. In a casino, a player also gets food, and a room comped, and their drinks come right to their table, unlike at home.


1. In a live table game, table limits that are set can be high, due to which many players would face a restriction in participation.

2. The noise in the casino can often distract players and put them off their game.

3. The player has to dress according to the casino/venue’s dress code.

4. Players also have to play out of their comfort zones in some games and casinos.



1. The biggest positive of playing online poker is to have various games being available to the player. Players can also play at multiple tables at one time and place.

2. Playing online poker can be really beneficial if you can’t keep a hold on your excitement or nervousness while playing a game. No one can get to know the quality of your hand by seeing your body language.


3. The hustle and noise of a casino can sometimes hinder you from playing your best game, which is not the case when playing Online Poker.

4. Another major benefit of online poker is that you don’t have to put on a suit or travel to a casino and click start your game on your PC. CONS


1. Online poker takes the body language equation out of the game, which can be negative for the players who like to win by predicting the players hand by their body language. On the big stage, it is these small details that can decide a game in your favor.

2. Less to no player interaction between or before the games can also prove to be a setback, as the players don’t get to know anything about the opponents.

3. The danger of losing even more than you anticipated is common in online poker. A player can play multiple tables simultaneously and often lose concentration, eventually leading to loss of money.

4. Many people say that poker is a game that should be played and enjoyed at a leisurely speed, which is not the case in that online poker. Here, because of no dealer being present for the game, the computer automatically gives the card after a certain amount of time, making it a little hectic.

Written By
Shashwat Nishant

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