Ravi Shastri headlines new CRED advertisement

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Former Indian cricket team coach lets his hair down in CRED's latest ad

Former Indian men’s cricket team coach Ravi Shastri lets his hair down in CRED’s latest ad, having been roped in by the company for its latest advertisement campaign.

CRED’s latest ad, named ‘Play it Different’, has Shastri at his hilarious and witty best. The ad starts off with Shastri as a coach, giving his team a pep-talk, but this one is with a twist. Parodying Shah Rukh Khan’s ’70 minute’ speech from Chak De! India, Shastri tells his team that they have only 70 minutes left to make the most of the happy hours at the club. Shastri then is shown asking one of his players to keep his eyes “on the ball”, but another twist shows it’s a game of beer pong. The next scene shows Shastri at a press conference, and when asked whether he would be partying later on, he sarcastically and bluntly answers no before coughing out a smirk, seemingly unable to control himself, while his team bursts out laughing beside him. Shastri also shows off his flirtatious side, where he tells a woman at the bar, ‘I used to be a batsman, but for you I can be a keeper.’ There is another clip of him roasting a journalist, where when asked what he hates about modern cricket, Shastri quips back, ‘Talking to journalists.’ Shastri is also seen at a pharmacy with a glass with ice, which he then places on the pharmacy counter, asking for ‘two cough syrups, on the rocks.’

Shastri is the latest celebrity to star in CRED’s advertisement campaigns, which have already had the likes of Neeraj Chopra, Rahul Dravid, Kapil Dev and Venkatesh Prasad amongst others in hilarious versions of themselves.

Shastri most recently finished his four-year tenure as the Indian men’s cricket team coach, which saw him take the team to new heights as India won historic series in Australia and also major wins in South Africa and England among others.  

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