Top 10: Greatest CS:GO Players of All Time

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With CS:GO returning to action with the ongoing ESL Pro League season 14, the world’s finest are in action against each other.

I’ve put together ten of the greatest CS:GO players of all time, based on not only their skill but also their impact and the legacy they have had on the game.


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Christopher Alesund – GeT_RiGhT

Not only is GeT_RiGhT one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time, the Swede is one of the all-time CS legends.

Member of the dominant Ninjas in Pyjamas roster from 2012-14, he has etched his name in CS:GO history with his plays. With 10 MVP medals from 2012-14, he also holds the record for the most consecutive wins – an unbroken streak of 87 games. Known for his superior game sense, GeT_RiGhT was one of the finest “Lurkers” of the game.

Helping NiP reach five Major finals, the Swede was the number 1 player in the world according to HLTV’s rankings in 2013 and 2014. He announced his retirement in January 2021, bringing down the curtains on an illustrious 14-year career.


Oleksandr Kostyliev – s1mple

Quite simply the best, s1mple, the prodigy of the game, is arguably one of the greatest players in CS:GO history.

His sheer skill and talent put him in a league of his own, but what has held the young Ukranian back is even though he has won multiple personal awards, s1mple still awaits that elusive Major title with his team. One of the finest AWPers going around, s1mple has a unique game sense that helps him get a better read of the match situation and game awareness.

At 23, the Ukrainian has many more years in the sport and it is only a matter of time before he takes his first Major, and probably multiple thereafter.


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Nicolai Reedtz – dev1ce

Statistically speaking, dev1ce is the greatest player of all time with the amount of silverware he has. With four Major titles and 14 MVP awards, dev1ce certainly knows how to rise to the occasion.

A prolific AWPer, dev1ce was a part of one of CS:GO’s most famed rosters at Astralis before he shifted to NiP. Although he might not be one of the most technically gifted players, what makes dev1ce one of the greats is his ability to make those around him perform at the highest level which is evident by the number of Majors he has.


Olof Kajbjer – olofmeister

Probably one of the most versatile players to have played CS:GO, as one of the pioneers, olofmeister was part of the first-ever squad to win back-to-back Majors with Fnatic. As one of the most creative and lethal players in the game, Olof will go down in CS:GO lore as one of the original legends.

Olof’s name will be synonymous with the (in)famous Olofboost that changed CS:GO forever and is one of the most crucial pieces in CS:GO history.


Nikola Kovač – NiKo

A strategic genius, NiKo has risen through the ranks to become one of the modern-day greats in CS:GO.

Known for his bullseye aim and game sense, NiKo is one of the finest AWPers going around. After starting his career with iNation, the young Bosnian gained popularity with his performances for Mousesports and then was signed up by FaZe Clan. With five MVP awards already bagged up, the 24-year-old is looking for that first Major.


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Richard Papillon – shox

Already one of the greatest Counter-Strike: Source players, shox made the switch to Global Offensive in 2012. The Frenchman took the world by storm with his initial performances.

After winning Dreamhack Winter 2014 with LDLC, shox then signed up with EnvyUs. The French side’s internal issues saw shox join Titan before moving to G2. shox most recently shifted teams to Team Vitality in 2019, where he finally seems to have found some stability.

What has been missing in the Frenchman’s career is a stable team, having had to continuously shift, but rejoining a French set-up at Vitality and along with apEx and ZywOo, it seems like one of CS:GO ‘s most recognised names might add more Majors to his tally.


Patrik Lindberg – f0rest

More than 15 years of performing at the highest level, what makes f0rest one of the all-time greats is not only his skill but the longevity in the sport to compete at the highest level with the best.

Starting off with Counter Strike back in 2005 with Begrip Gaming, the Swede got his big break when he signed up for Fnatic. After a dominant spell with Fnatic, f0rest entered CS: GO territory with Ninjas in Pyjamas and was a part of one of the most dominant CS:GO rosters in the history of the game and was a crucial member of the 87-map winning streak. After helping NiP win ESL One Cologne in 2014, f0rest remained an integral part of their set up till 2020, when he left the squad.

f0rest will go down in Counter Strike history as one of the legends to have played the game and even in his twilight now he still showcases the reason why he was so highly regarded.


Marcelo David – coldzera

A two-time number one player in the world, coldzera started off his career in 2014 with Dexterity. The Brazilian, though, gained international recognition with his move to Luminosity Gaming in 2015. One of the most explosive players in the history of the game, coldzera went on to win back-to-back Majors. He was also the MVP of both tournaments at ESL One Cologne 2016 and MLG Columbus 2016.

What makes coldzera stand out is his consistency and the fact that he can perform at the highest level without a dip. His consistency also helps him end up as the top fragger of no matter which squad he is with and he brought immediate success to his current team, FaZe clan, as they won the BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen in 2019.


Kenny Schrub – kennyS

A name synonymous with AWPing, there aren’t too many people in the gaming world who haven’t heard of kennyS. Regarded as the greatest AWPer of all time, kennyS’s quick-scopes and flick shots are some of the game’s best.

Another French prodigy like shox, who started with CS Source, kennyS has seen a meteoric rise since joining CS:GO. In a game where sniping is known to be one of the greatest challenges, kennyS is known to hit his opponents from incredible angles that are simply not accessible to others. After winning the Cluj-Napoca Major in 2015 with Team EnvyUs, kennyS is currently with G2 Esports, where he continues to impress.




Ladislav Kovács – GuardiaN

Another great AWPer, GuardiaN has the second most recorded AWP kills, after kennyS, with 63% of his total professional kills being AWP kills.

One of the game’s most consistent players, GuardiaN started his career with ex-Beasts and then shifted to myDGB. He gained fame by shifting to Virtus.Pro and then shifting to Natus Vincere shortly after. At NaVi, guardiaN went on to become one of the game’s greats and even though a major trophy still eludes him, a total of eight MVP awards speaks about his individual skill and talent. His greatest moment arguably came at the ELEAGUE Major Grand Final in 2018, where he raked up an impressive 75 kills in the Grand Final.


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