What is the Simulated Reality League in cricket and other sports?

July 27, 2021

Technology has played a massive role in the development of many human activities. With it, a lot of activities were made simpler and more efficient. It also opened a lot of exciting opportunities that allow people to enjoy their interests. Among them is their love of sports.

Throughout the years, people love watching sporting events because of their engaging matches. By watching these games, fans are amazed by the sportsmanship and athleticism of every player and team. To show support for their favourites, a lot of players place their bets on their predicted match outcomes.

Sports betting continues to be more popular as it allows fans to root for their favourites. More so, it also allows them to earn profits if they make the right bets. This adds up to the excitement and thrill that players feel whenever there are upcoming matches on their favourite sports. To make it more convenient, online betting also became popular among sports fans at home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of sports events had to be postponed or cancelled for the safety of all athletes and sports fans. With no scheduled sports events, fans were introduced to a new technology that shares the same thrill. This is called a Simulated Reality League and it resembles actual sporting events. In fact, fans can also place cricket SRL bets when watching these. Here is a closer understanding of SRLs.

What are simulated reality leagues?

A Simulated Reality League or SRL is a sporting event that was made purely out of computer graphics imaging that aims to simulate real-life events. This features players, teams, and events that also exist in real life. With their objective of making fans feel that they are also watching real sports events, SRL betting also became popular among fans.

How it works

The simulated version of sports events makes use of real information that was prompted into their special algorithms. Specifically, the special technology of SRLs collects data from the past 500 games. These pieces of information include the vital statistics of players, their form, as well as their playing history.

SRL events also simulate the climate of where the virtual games are set. These add up to the special factors that can impact sports fans’ bets. Although the events that fall under this category are simulated, these happen in real-time. More often than not, these events take place for about 60 to 90 minutes.


Betting for SRL

Betting for SRL is almost the same as placing bets on real sports league events such as football, cricket, and tennis. Upon checking the odds for upcoming matches, players will see how there are actually two betting options for these. Here are those options.


  • Pre-match betting – This works similarly to placing bets for future matches. Here, fans would have to consider the odds and bet for their match predictions.
  • Live betting – Fans can also place live bets when a game is in play. Here, players can vary their bets among the changing odds that correspond to the game’s current progress.


These are just a few things that we think sports fans should know about the Simulated Reality League. So, if your favourite cricket teams don’t have a scheduled match yet, we suggest that you place your cricket SRL bets to show your support even on their virtual matches. That way, you’ll still experience the same thrill that betting provides.

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