What’s Stopping Arsenal from Winning the Premier League?

August 18, 2021

It’s that time of the football calendar again where Arsenal fans relentlessly cheer on their team, hoping that they will finally lift the Premier League trophy. In contrast, every other football fan laughs at their naivety. Bookies are currently offering 50/1 odds on Arsenal to win the Premier League, with several sports personalities predict that the team will finish somewhere between 17th and 20th. It’s pretty surprising that after so many failed attempts, the team still has fans that genuinely believe in them, but the real question is, why won’t Arsenal ever win the Premier League? A look at their Premier League Football 2021-22 previews might tell you why – here’s our theory!


Arsenal’s Performance

Of course, the manager is one of the first places that blame is laid for Arsenal’s terrible performances. Arteta is consistently accused of overloading his players and giving them too much to think about. He’s known for having ridiculously over-complicated strategies and plans for playing the game, and it’s more than the players can cope with. When you’re trying to follow such in-depth instructions and precise strategy, there’s absolutely no way that something isn’t going to slip, and unfortunately, it seems to be the players’ skills that are being pushed by the wayside. Instead of playing the game based on instinct, they’re trying to follow Arteta’s ridiculous rules, and it’s slowing them down and letting the other team in.

Another part of the team facing a lot of scrutiny and blame is The Midfield – fans and commentators alike believe that this is where a lot of the issues on the pitch are stemming from. In the club’s heyday, the team had strong mid-fielders who were more relaxed and played more of the pitch than sticking to one confined area. The responsibility for the mid-field was shared among multiple players, which left no opportunity for the opposition to slip past. Many fans now believe that the new generation of mid-fielders lack experience and don’t have enough strategy to win.


Xhaka, in particular, seems to be completely incapable of controlling the ball unless it’s passed to him at the perfect weight, angle, and speed, which gives Arsenal’s attackers a chance to grab the ball. There’s no doubt that Arsenal is struggling under the weight of an influx of inexperienced players, but it’s not entirely the current team’s fault.


When Did Arsenal Start To Do Badly?

Many critics and fans believe that Arsenal’s decline had already started as they were on their way up in the 90s. The team were doing well, and that left management far too relaxed. The club began to be underfunded, and players were expected to do well without support. As time wore on, contracts began to be mishandled, which resulted in crucial players leaving the team.

Realistically, Arsenal has reached a point where all of the issues have culminated in a team that’s incapable of winning the premier league. They may win one day, but it will take a lot of work to get them there.

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