2023 IPL Season: Everything You Need To Know

2024 IPL Season: Everything You Need To Know

January 23, 2023

The 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) competition is on the horizon and there will be many fans all around the world that will be looking forward to the upcoming short format.

Indeed, the tournament provides fans of the limited-overs format with all of the gung-ho action that they crave, with some of the world’s best players able to slog the ball around the ground and play incredible shots. Bowlers also play a huge role in ensuring the game is as exciting as possible, as many of the world’s best run down the track and try their best to out-fox the batter at the other end with their best deliveries.

Naturally, the excitement that is on offer in this short version of the sport attracts viewers from all corners of the world. The 16th edition of the competition will be no different, either. Many will want to wager on the action that takes place, with large portions of the gambling market likely to look for the best IPL Satta websites to utilize while this year’s edition of the tournament takes place.

However, with this in mind, it is perhaps worth taking a look at everything that we need to know ahead of the 2024 IPL season.

2024 IPL Season Schedule & Format

According to information that has been published already, the 2024 IPL season is thought to commence on March 21, 2024. There will be a total of 74 matches to be played, with 70 of those being in a league format that features 10 teams. The final four matches will be knockout rounds, with the 74th match ultimately being the final, which is slated to take place on June 1, 2024.

The ten teams set to compete in the upcoming competition are:

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Lucknow Supergiants
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Punjab Kings
  • Rajasthan Royal
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

2024 Auction & Dates

The auction is always one of the major spectacles of the IPL prior to the action taking place on the field and this year’s events will certainly be no different. The auction will see teams try and capture the star players available in order to assemble the best team possible to give them the greatest chance of winning the competition.

The 2023 IPL auction had taken place back in December 2022, which saw Sam Curran be bought by Punjab Kings for ?18.50 crore (US$2.3 million); a figure that made him the most expensive player in the competition’s history!

Who are the 2022 IPL Champions?

As we head into the 2023 IPL season, many eyes will be focused on the team of Gujarat Titans as they will be the defending champions. They made history last season when they defeated the Rajasthan Royals by seven wickets in last year’s final, as they became the first team to win the tournament in their debut year.

There will be many that will feel that the Titans can hold onto their crown, although there is strong backing for the Delhi Capitals and the Mumbai Indians in some quarters. Nonetheless, we can expect some quality cricket when the season begins!

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