A Guide to Betting on Cricket

March 11, 2021

Cricket is an exciting and one of the most popular and oldest sports in the world. It is a strategic sport and complex to play, but it is very straightforward for the sport’s betting.

In the following article, we help you understand how cricket betting works. Let’s take a look at the popular cricket markets and strategies:

Cricket Betting Options

Outright Winner – Outright markets are a common form of betting. Betting on the overall winner of a series can be of value. Outright winner markets are available throughout a series. This market is withdrawn once a winner has been decided. For example, let’s say the Indians are playing Australians in a three-match series and go 2-0 up. The series has been determined, even though there is still one match to play.

Match Betting – The other very popular way to bet on cricket is to bet on the match result. In general, one team will always win a game; withdraws are rare.

Tied Match – Tied matches are rare in cricket. Draws are prevalent if a game is affected by the weather. If you see that the weather forecast predicts rain throughout a game, betting on the draw before the game could be beneficial.

Top Batsman – Top Batsman betting is another very popular individual match or series market. Research can be done on the batsmen who are in good form and assess the opposition’s bowlers’ styles and stats.

Handicap Betting – Let us take an example to understand Handicap betting in cricket. Let’s say that India is playing Pakistan in a 50-over match. India bats first and scores 300 runs. A bookie could then add a Handicap. We’ll say they give Pakistan a 50.5 run advantage and India a 50.5 run disadvantage. We place a bet on Pakistan + 50.5. If India loses the game or does not win by more than 51 runs, the bet is won.

Cricket Betting Strategies – The first rule of betting is not to gamble with money you don’t have. You should run through the amount that has been deposited into the betting account before placing the bets.

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Research Conditions – Pitch conditions should be researched carefully. The pitch can have a significant impact on the result.  Weather conditions are equally as important. Dry and hot weather usually works in the batting team’s favor. A dry pitch results in little movement in the ball, which helps the batsman make many runs. It also gets difficult to take wickets. An older pitch makes batting difficult, with more in it for the bowlers, making it easy for spin bowlers.

Player Statistics – Studying the player statistics increases your chances of picking the right bet. One should look at the player’s average runs scored, strike rate, and how the batsman has performed against spin bowlers before placing a bet.

In-Play Value – There are a few aspects to consider when you bet in-play. For example, to see whether a renowned batsman is on the pitch, known for scoring promptly. If yes, then one can probably place a bet on the number of runs scored in the next over.
If wickets are falling quickly, then a bet on a “wicket to be taken” in the next over could be worth considering.

Best Odds – Finding the best odds every time you bet is crucial. One should spend time comparing the odds available at various bookmakers so that the profit is not missed out.

Cricket Formats to Bet On

Test Matches – Test Matches is the oldest format of cricket. It has been in existence since the 19th century. It is a test of endurance since the matches are spread over five days. Thus, issues like weather conditions can cause much more impact on this type of format than they would in other cricket formats.

One Day International – In the One Day International (ODI) format, one’s focus should be to follow the results of each player’s one-day form in the lead-up to the tournament. For example, one should consider which teams are in form, who have quick run scorers, and which teams have consistent wicket-takers before the bet should be beneficial.

Twenty20 Internationals – In the Twenty20 Internationals, each side is allowed twenty overs before the other side gets their batting chance. In this format, matches can be shortened to just three hours. In the Twenty20 format, batsmen take many more risks at the crease than in a one-day or test series. It can mean a considerable number of runs scored by batsmen in a short time. It could also mean that a lot of wickets are falling. Betting meticulously on this format is a difficult task.

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