Arda Güler: new football genius or overrated player?

Arda Güler: new football genius or overrated player?

July 24, 2023

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In this article, we will try to figure out who Arda Guler is, who is called the Turkish Messi. Consider whether this is really a future football star, or is the player greatly overestimated? Indeed, in the history of football there have already been many young talents who have not played at the top level.

Who is Arda Guler

Arda Güler has been a well-known personality among football scouts and experts for several years now. Many clubs looked after the player from a young age. But the Turkish athlete became widely known only after the transfer to Real Madrid.

The player is a graduate of the club Genclerbirliga. At the age of 14, the footballer moved to Fenerbahce. Even then, the Turkish giant gave 2.5 million euros for the young footballer.

The player played several seasons in the youth teams of Fenerbahce. And from the 2021/22 season, the football player began to be connected to performances as a basis. Even coming on as a substitute at the end of matches, Arda managed to attract attention and be distinguished by effective actions.

But in the 2022/23 season, the player became one of the leading players in the team. He also played for the national team, in the game for which he scored a goal in the fourth match, scoring against Wales. Guler, at the age of 17, played in the Champions League qualification, and later also played in the Europa League, where the team advanced to the group stage. And even at this level, Arda scored and scored assists. Therefore, interest in the young midfielder grew even more. The football player gradually became one of the key players in the team, despite his young age.

As of July 2023, Guler’s transfer fee is estimated at 15 million euros. But Real Madrid agreed to pay 20 million euros for a promising player in order to quickly conclude a transfer deal. And such actions on the part of the “Royal Club” are understandable, because Arda was on the notes of the scouts of many top clubs. Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Sevilla and Milan showed interest in the footballer. These clubs are known for their scout divisions and know how to look for future stars, who are then sold for a lot of money to top clubs. But Real this time managed to get ahead of everyone, making a quick offer, which Fenerbahce considered profitable.

Arda Guler’s skill set

Arda Guler is a fairly versatile player who can be played in several positions in the center of the field. Nominally, the player plays in the position of an attacking midfielder. And the main advantages of Guler are:

  • Ball control and good technique at speed;
  • Looks good in a limited space;
  • Knows how to remove an opponent and has good body balance, which makes it easy to turn around on the spot;
  • Mostly receives the ball in a low position, which allows you to pull on several opponents.

Due to his small size and relatively short stature, the footballer lacks physical qualities in a power confrontation, but Arda knows how to cover the ball with his body and often earns fouls on himself. The player looks like a balanced “ten” and moves across the field not only vertically. Closer to the opponent’s goal, the football player plays across the entire width of the field, choosing the most promising positions for attacking.

Also, the young Real Madrid rookie has a good vision of the field. The player can give a hidden pass or give an accurate pass over a long distance. Well sees potential recipients for the pass. Given that the football player will now train at the Real Madrid base, he has additional opportunities for growth and honing his skills.

Guler’s working leg is left. If you give a player space and time to prepare a shot, it can be dangerous for the opponent, which the Wales team felt on themselves. But Arda rarely uses his right leg for strikes, and then only at close range.


Arda Turan is a very promising player. But the player still has room to grow. And the Real base in this regard can play a very beneficial role.

Given the good work of the left Arda, it is more likely that Madrid will play the newcomer to the winger position. But it is also possible with the classic “ten”. But so far it is unlikely that the player will be able to gain a foothold in the first team. Under Real Madrid’s current tactics, Arda fits so far best in Rodrigo’s position. And given the current form of the Brazilian, it is still unlikely to force him out of the main team.

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