Bundesliga Returns: Teams We’re Looking Forward to Watching Play

Bundesliga Returns: Teams We’re Looking Forward to Watching Play

January 25, 2023

Since the 13th of November, we’ve been without Bundesliga football. The teams have been on a break as the players prepare for the FIFA World Cup. As a result, we haven’t had any chance to bet on Bundesliga predictions. Therefore, we are happy that the league is returning, and we will be getting an action-packed season as teams look to take Bayern’s throne. 

After a rough start to the season, Bayern Munchen has returned to the top of the table as they hope to retain the title for the 11th season in a row. However, we can’t write other teams off just yet because they would have something to offer. In that case, we would look forward to them giving us an incredible experience this season. 

With the games scheduled to return on the 20th, we are excited to see what these teams will bring to the table. The German Bundesliga will always be ripe for action, and we can tell that this season will be different. Some teams are showing incredible promise and performing at a high level. 

As we look forward to the league returning, there are a few teams we can’t wait to see a return to action. These teams have a way of capturing our hearts and keeping us glued to our screens. Undoubtedly, we can’t wait for what is to come, and below are the teams we hope to see back in action in the Bundesliga. 

Bayern Munchen

Undoubtedly one of the best teams in Germany, Bayern Munchen has dominated the league for many seasons. They currently hold the title for the last ten seasons. The team will be looking to make it 11 in a row.

The team has some of the best talents in the country, and as a result, they are a joy to watch. Therefore, we look forward to the team showcasing their talent on the pitch.

RB Leipzig

We know they don’t have a deep history like most of the teams in the league. However, RB Leipzig is one of the most exciting teams in the Bundesliga. Since making it to the top-flight division, they’ve become a big part of the league and have continued to challenge for the title, although it is difficult to knock Bayern off their current standings. 

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund is one of the best teams in Germany and one of the only teams to have won the UCL. Dortmund has exciting youngsters who strive to improve, and as a result, the team has built an incredible identity of growing youngsters and making them world-class players. We can see it with Pulisic, Sancho, Bellingham, etc. 

FC Union Berlin

Since returning to the top-flight division, Union Berlin has been one of the best teams in the world. The team has continued to deliver at the highest level. They’ve worked hard to retain a top position. 

Union Berlin is one of the best teams to watch this season. The way they approach games is beyond normal, and we can tell they are ready to fight for the title. 

Eintracht Frankfurt

Although this team is not performing at the level we know they can, they are still an exciting team to watch. They have some incredible games coming up. Therefore, they will deliver at a high level. 

Frankfurt is an exciting team to watch, and we’re ready for what they will bring to the pitch when the season returns. 

VFL Wolfsburg

VFL Wolfsburg was disappointing at the start of the season, but the team has found better form in the last couple of games before the break. They’ve been playing with better flair and winning games. The turnaround has helped them get close to the top spots, and there is a chance for the team to make it to Europe next season. 

Bayer Leverkusen

This season has been a rollercoaster for Bayer Leverkusen. The team hasn’t had a straightforward form since the start of the competition. However, we know the team has something to offer, and they would be a top-notch team to watch. Although they struggle to win games, they still produce some magical moments.  


Looking at the table and following the season, we can see that Freiburg has been one of the best teams. They’ve worked hard to deliver, and they are the closest to Bayern Munich for many reasons. Therefore, we can’t wait to see them in action as they continue to push for first place. 

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