How to Predict the World Cup?

How to Predict the World Cup?

October 18, 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is all set to commence from November at Qatar. No doubt, it will be one of the biggest sporting events across the world. Soccer enthusiasts and passionate fans will be eager for World Cup predictions to predict which team will win this year’s World Cup.

Note that 32 teams will participate in this sporting event and it will be a big affair in the world of football. As we all know, in every World Cup, there is a set of favorite teams who can win the cup. These are typically the teams that showcase brilliant form leading up to the World Cup.

And like previous editions, you will also find some underdog teams this year. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will comprise eight groups. The way in which your favorite team plays in the group stages can have a big impact on their overall success. So how to predict the world cup properly? Let’s find out.  

The Chances of Big Teams Winning the Upcoming FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be a packed event with some of the biggest names in the soccer participating and competing against each other. France will enter the tournament being favorites to clinch the title and defend their heroics from 2018.

However, there are other teams that have a great chance to lift the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Here are the chances of several teams winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


In all major FIFA events, Argentina has showcased their brilliance. They are one of the few teams who can show their true potential in the grandest stage. Moreover, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be Lionel Messi’s last international event.

Therefore, there are higher chances that the other players in the Argentina squad will provide a fitting farewell to the soccer star. Argentina has been the underdog since 2014. But the motivational factors will bolster the team’s chances.  


France will enter the 2022 FIFA World Cup as the defending champions. France was able to won the 2018 World Cup mainly because of their young team combination. Moreover, France is one of the few teams that has a balanced combination. They have all their bases covered.

France has numerous young players who can showcase their skills with the ball when required. In the last few years, one cannot forget the rise of Benzema. Considering all these factors, France are the clear favorites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  


In all major FIFA World Cups, Brazil has been able to showcase stellar performances. In other words, this team has always been an ace performer in FIFA World Cup tournaments.

In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Brazil has higher chances of winning the cup. They have a higher goal scoring percentage than most teams. Furthermore, they have young players who can contribute to the team’s chances.  


In their last few knockout contests, England has heavily disappointed their fans. But that doesn’t mean that you can count them out for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In the semifinal of the 2018 World Cup, they unfortunately lost to Croatia. Furthermore, in 2020, they lost the Euro Cup to Italy.

So, as you can see, England has their fair share of ups and downs. However, the present squad of England looks much better. They have a balanced squad with a large number of young players. With their skills and abilities, there are higher chances that England will emerge as the champions of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Chances of France Winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup

You just cannot deny that France has the best attack among all the teams participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Furthermore, the top three players of France are in terrific form. They boast of an average of more than 2.5 goals. With these envious stats, we can see France winning the coveted trophy once again.

Struggles of Brazil

Despite being one of the most premier teams, Brazil has always struggled towards the fag end of World Cups. Brazil has a bad reputation of penalty shooting. It is their penalty shooting that made them lost numerous matches.

However, in the last few years, Brazil has been working hard to improve their strategy during the penalty shootouts. Moreover, they are a popular team when the context is about dribbling the ball. We will always love to see an improved Brazilian team during penalty shootouts in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.   

Confidence of Soccer Enthusiasts in Argentina

In the last edition of the FIFA World Cup, Argentina failed to put up a decent performance. They mainly struggled in the defense. Other underdog and less popular teams got the better of Argentina by utilizing their weakness of defending the ball.

Moreover, in 2018, Argentina only scored six goals that is just unacceptable. But in the past few years, we have witnessed the rise of Argentina as a professional soccer team. Let’s take the example of Copa America in 2021. In that tournament, Argentina scored 12 goals in their seven matches.

Moreover, in Copa America 2021, it is the defense that made fans root for Argentina. They only conceded three goals in their seven matches. And due to their stellar performance, they won the Copa America Cup 2021. If Argentina plays in similar fashion, we can expect them to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.    

Things to know about the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s Format

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will witness 32 teams participating to lay their hands on the cup. The group which draw maximum attention is Group E. In this group, Germany, Spain, Japan and Costa Rica will participate against each other. To know which team will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, you should be aware of the odds properly or you can rely on best football tipsters.

Smaller odds imply more chances of winning. Hence, if you notice smaller odds beside your favorite team, always back and root for them. These factors will assist you to predict the winner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup accurately.

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