Hublot signs with FIFA for fourth consecutive World Cup partnership

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Hublot signs with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 for 4th Edition

Swiss watchmaker brand Hublot has been announced as the official timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup for the fourth consecutive edition. 

Hublot will be in the thick of things throughout the tournament. The Big Bang e-FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be in countdown mode prior to the competition, keeping track of the days until the first game on November 20. 

The watch would then transmit team lineups and player profiles 15 minutes before each match, allowing the wearer to enjoy the information from the comfort of their wrist. The watch will go into “match mode” after kick-off and turn on “timeline,” a function designed specifically for this watch to assist fans in capturing the most significant in-game moments.

At the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Hublot will serve as the official sponsor and enjoy branding rights in addition to timing all 64 games. With the new clock on their wrists, the 129 professional referees will keep score of the match. 

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