India has decided to fight against betting, credit and gambling apps

India has decided to fight against betting, credit and gambling apps

December 23, 2023

The country continues to fight against illegal gambling, so much so that it has even taken swift action against various kinds of operation, including with finances that pose a risk to consumers.

Now the Indian government is actively engaged in identifying illegal gambling, credit services and betting apps. The list of apps they plan to block includes more than 200 apps. 94 are providing credit services to consumers and 138 are offering gambling and betting products. The government has verified that none of the companies have the necessary license. And some organizations offering apps are not registered as companies at all.

India is diligently activating all its reserves to combat companies that lend money with interest and operate without permits. The government is taking measures to protect citizens from companies and platforms with illegal status. Even more dangerous is the fact that citizens are providing companies with all their personal and financial data.

It is the loan apps that have become a big problem in India. Very high interest rates are charged from users who have taken out a loan, even up to 3000% of the original loan amount. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India along with the Ministry of Home Affairs is in charge of shutting down the above mentioned apps.

Even though the decision to crack down on illegal apps has been made, most of them are still going strong. The largest online casinos and bookmakers continue to accept users on Android and iOS without any problems. For example, the Mostbet app is available here.

More and more attention is starting to be paid to gambling apps, and basically suspended some apps that are linked to China.

Specifically, last year, India suspended apps such as: the popular Free Fire game from Garena, Xriver from Tencent, Onmyoji Arena and Astracraft from NetEase and more than 50 others. According to reports, apart from the China-related games, there were also others.

India has already banned popular apps like TikTok and WeChat, which are heavily used in China by Chinese consumers. But not all the apps proposed to be shut down are operated at the behest of the Chinese government.

But all the apps on the list pose a threat to the safety and security of both personal and financial citizens of India and the government is determined to shut them down.

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