Inside Tips for Navigating the Cheltenham Festival Like a Pro

Inside Tips for Navigating the Cheltenham Festival Like a Pro

January 25, 2023

Every year, the Cheltenham Festival sees over 200,000 people visiting to eat, drink, and maybe just win some nice prizes from the bookies on site.

So, if you are one of the people that will go to the Cheltenham Festival for the first time, we have some valuable insider tips for you. Keep reading to find out more about how you can navigate the entire Festival and get the maximum enjoyment from your trip.

Dress Appropriately

The first thing that you need to know about the Cheltenham Festival is that it occurs in early March, so the weather is still not spring-like. Don’t be fooled by the sun if it comes out, so take the appropriate clothes. Of course, there is always the potential for rain, so you need to also keep that in mind. You can purchase the “beer jacket” there, but that won’t do much of the work when the temperature drops.

Have Flat Shoes With You

This one goes especially for the ladies going to the Cheltenham Festival. If you are not lucky enough to grab a seat somewhere, you will most likely need to spend the day on your feet.

So, it is always a good idea to have a pair of flat shoes with you when the high heels get too much. Get your pictures, greet whoever you need to, and then it might be time to forget about the heels!

Be Vocal If You Want to Place a Bet

Some would argue that a visit to the Cheltenham Festival is not worth it if you don’t place a few wagers. If you think like that and you want to bet on a horse, remember to be vocal.

Unlike traditional betting shops, there is no queuing order here. If you are a shy person who doesn’t like too much attention, then the betting ring is not the right place for you. For you to place a bet, you need to make sure your voice is heard, so act quickly and as confident as possible.

To increase your chances of winning a bet here, it is always a good idea to stay informed about the condition of racers, among other things.

Look for the Best Odds

Moving on with our expert Cheltenham tips, we strongly advise you to shop around for the best odds in the betting ring.

One bookie may offer certain odds, but just a couple of pitches down, you can find much better odds. As is the case with all aspects of life, a bit of research is key here.

However, keep in mind that odds are fluid as well. By the time you finish looking at the bookies, all odds may decrease, so you need to be fast and determined when placing a bet.

Go Along With The Crowd and Be Tolerant Towards Others

Even if you don’t bet during the Cheltenham Festival, it doesn’t hurt to absorb the entire atmosphere. So, we advise you to join in with all roars as the tapes go up.

Feel free to stand up at the rails and soak the amazing atmosphere around you. After all, if you decide to go to the Cheltenham Festival, you better make it worth your time.

Furthermore, with all that in mind, Cheltenham is a very crowded place during the Festival. This means that you should expect people to brush past you or even bump into you. Some may even be rude, pushing others for the toilet or to place a wager. Remember that you cannot let other people ruin your own enjoyment, so just ignore rude people.

Have a Drink, but Don’t Overdo It

So far, we focused on things that you should do during the Cheltenham Festival, but let’s take a look now at one aspect that you shouldn’t even think about doing – drinking.

Of course, the Cheltenham Festival is a very enjoyable one, and nothing should stop you from having a drink or two, but set a limit for yourself.

If you overdo it with alcohol, you can ruin your time there, and what is more, if you place bets, you can end up on a very bad losing streak. Alcohol can cloud your judgement, so you can end up placing bad bets.

Alcohol-related incidents at the Cheltenham Festival in recent years led to Festival councillors proposing some rather controversial ideas to resolve them for Race Week.

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