JUST Egg’s new advertisement stars Serena Williams

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JUST Egg's new advertisement stars Serena Williams

Food tech firm Eat Just has launched its latest JUST Egg advertisement featuring tennis superstar Serena Williams. The new ad features Williams along with Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal, both of whom are also investors in the brand. 

The ad, narrated by actor JB Smoove, takes a dig at elite celebrity lifestyles and pokes fun at them. The ‘Really Good Eggs’ ad sees Williams in a relatively different setting to the ones she enjoys during her day-to-day lifestyle. She is surrounded by experts who help her plan her every moment and also to help her make the perfect JUST Egg sandwich. The ad tries to showcase that, whether you are a celebrity or not, everyone can enjoy the nutritional benefits and taste of JUST Egg.

Williams spoke about her involvement in the ad campaign and also poked fun at her scene in the ad, stating:

I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t actually have a scientist in my kitchen. It’s not that exciting in there. But I do have JUST Egg.

I eat to live, so JUST Egg helps me feel and perform better. But it’s also delicious – I don’t think my family can even taste the difference between JUST Egg and chicken eggs. I’m also all-in on the mission: how can we make healthy, sustainable options accessible to everyone? JUST Egg is making a real difference, and I’m proud to partner with them and be a shareholder in the company.

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