Key Quarterback Matchups to Watch in the 2023 NFL Season

Key Quarterback Matchups to Watch in the 2023 NFL Season

September 2, 2023

September is fast approaching, and football enthusiasts can already sense the electricity in the air that originates from the start of the NFL season. One of the prime ingredients of this electric atmosphere is the promise of some epic quarterback matchups set to transpire this season. While some of these marquee contests feature seasoned veterans, others spotlight emerging talents vying to be the next superstars. Let’s dive in and explore some of the most anticipated quarterback showdowns for the 2023 season.

Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen: The Battle for AFC Supremacy

This has turned into quite the rivalry–almost like Manning vs. Brady back in the day. Few duels can outshine the faceoff between Patrick Mahomes of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. Both of these signal-callers are considered the NFL’s most elite, and their teams are heavily favored to make deep postseason runs.

Mahomes, with his jaw-dropping arm strength and keen football IQ, brings a certain magic to the game that’s hard to match. On the other side, Allen has blossomed into an awe-inspiring talent, not just with his cannon of an arm but also his ability to make plays with his legs.

The Chiefs and Bills have rosters built for success, as evidenced by their two AFC Championship meetings in 2020 and 2021. When these two quarterbacks meet, it’s more than just an individual showdown; it’s a clash that could foreshadow another AFC title game. Expect firework-filled skies, jaw-dropping plays, and a game that could very well decide home-field advantage in the playoffs. Given both teams’ standing and their favorable NFL odds to win the Super Bowl, this matchup is a must-watch.

Justin Herbert vs. Tua Tagovailoa: The Future Is Now

The Chargers vs. Dolphins might not have the same historic gravitas as other matchups, but when Herbert and Tagovailoa are on the field, the future of the NFL seems to be unfolding before our eyes. Both drafted in 2020, these quarterbacks are poised to be the pillars of their respective franchises.

The Chargers’ Herbert has shown the makings of a superstar. His arm talent and field vision have been exemplary, sparking many to believe he’s bound for greatness. Meanwhile, Tagovailoa has showcased flashes of brilliance, particularly his precision and quick decision-making.

The Herbert-Tagovailoa matchup will likely be an exciting chess match between two quarterbacks with contrasting styles but a similar hunger for success. This contest could be a telltale sign of what the next decade of AFC battles will look like.

Aaron Rodgers vs. Russell Wilson: The Clash of Titans

Football historians and nostalgia enthusiasts will be excited when the Jets’ Rodgers and Broncos’ Wilson square off. These two put on many shows and memorable games when they battled in Green Bay and Seattle. Both quarterbacks, on the back end of their careers, will likely be heading into the Hall of Fame once they retire.

Rodgers, the cerebral maestro with a penchant for pinpoint accuracy, finds himself in a new chapter of his illustrious career with the Jets. His understanding of the game is virtually unparalleled, and his ability to read defenses makes him one of the most formidable quarterbacks ever to grace the field.

On the opposite sideline, Wilson brings his unique blend of escapability and clutch playmaking to the Mile High City. Known for his ability to extend plays and make something out of nothing, Wilson’s move to Denver has re-energized a fan base eager to return to football relevance. Despite a down season in 2022, he is looking to rebound behind new head coach Sean Payton, who previously gelled with Drew Brees.

Both the Jets and the Broncos are expected to be in the playoff conversation this season, adding substantial stakes to this high-profile duel. It’s not just about individual glory; this matchup could directly affect the playoff landscape. Expect a barrage of incredible throws, dazzling scrambles, and tactical masterstrokes when these two titans collide on the gridiron.

Lamar Jackson vs. Joe Burrow: The Rise of New AFC North Rivalry

While traditionalists might still be hooked on the classic rivalries, there’s a new one brewing in the AFC North featuring Lamar Jackson of the Ravens and Joe Burrow. Both quarterbacks have exhibited early signs of being foundational pieces for their respective teams.

Jackson, a former MVP, brings an electrifying blend of speed and agility to the position, making him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Burrow, despite facing adversity with injuries and poor offensive line play, has displayed a resilience and moxie that has Bengals fans optimistic about the future.

When the Ravens and Bengals collide twice this season, it’s more than just a divisional game; it’s a matchup that could define the new pecking order in the AFC North. With contrasting styles—Jackson’s improvisational brilliance against Burrow’s pocket-passing prowess—this game promises to be a fascinating battle of wills.

Dak Prescott vs. Jalen Hurts: A Developing NFC East Rivalry

In a divisional showdown that will have fans on the edge of their seats, the Cowboys’ Prescott will go head-to-head with Hurts twice this season. Both of these quarterbacks bring a unique blend of passing prowess and remarkable mobility, making this matchup a must-watch affair.

A year ago, injuries to both quarterbacks at different times prevented us from seeing this matchup, but both put on a show against the other’s backups. Hurts threw two touchdowns against the Cowboys in their win, while Prescott tossed three scores in the Christmas Eve showdown in Dallas. Hopefully, injuries won’t deprive us this year from seeing these two square off.

Prescott has displayed tremendous poise and game intelligence since he entered the league. He possesses a strong arm and isn’t afraid to tuck the ball and run when the situation calls for it. His ability to be a dual-threat quarterback makes him an enigma for defenses, who must also contend with his impressive passing skills.

On the flip side, Hurts showed more than just flashes of brilliance in his second season, helping take the Eagles to the Super Bowl. His dynamic ability to use his legs, combined with his improved passing game, makes him one of the promising young talents in the league.

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