LaLiga boosts internationalisation by exporting the best of its grassroots football to India and global markets

March 10, 2023

LaLiga Grassroots has facilitated 640 projects globally through 900 coaches in almost 50 countries. As a result, more than 200,000 athletes and more than 25,000 coaches have been trained in the methodology of LaLiga.

LaLiga Grassroots aims to promote grassroots football all over the world by bringing together its know-how, experience and various projects. The project has developed more than 640 permanent and temporary projects in 48 countries, including India. These programmes are administered by more than 900 youth football coaches, selected by LaLiga based on UEFA Pro licensed certifications, national and international experience, and values in line with LaLiga.

In India, LaLiga Football Schools (LLFS) is a project that was initiated in 2018 in partnership with “India On Track” and has grown its impact to 10,000+ students in the country. The programme is developed and administered by UEFA pro-licensed coaches from Spain and continues to provide local talent access to global football methodology and technical training for students aged between 9 and 15 years.

The programme also develops football coaches and administrators through international exchange of knowledge. This, in turn, helps in the holistic development of the players in line with LaLiga methodology, which encompassing four key areas: tactical-cognitive, technical-coordinative, physical-conditional, and psycho-socio-affective.

Having recently announced the new “Development Program”, LLFS will continue to broaden the scope of its operation in India, providing U13 and U15 players with advance training and competitive game time in the MDFA 2nd Division League and other official competitions. Along with the setting up a “Goalkeeper School”, the commencement of the “West India Cup” and a roadmap to set up a “Development Centre”, the vision continues to serve as a facilitator for growth of Indian talent.

Through frameworks that allow for sharing of knowledge, LaLiga has facilitated collaborations with Deportivo Alaves, Cádiz CF, Sevilla FC and Villarreal CF with local Indian clubs and centers, allowing an avenue to share training methodology and practices with local grassroots facilitators.

Speaking about LaLiga’s commitment to Indian Football development, Miguel Casal, Technical Director, LaLiga Football Schools India, said:

“The LaLiga belief in the power of grassroots football to develop young talent is deeply rooted into the LLFS India project. Our commitment to Indian football is unwavering, and we are proud to play our part in awakening this country’s potential as a dominant player on the world stage. As we continue to work closely with our partners, India On Track, we are confident in our methodology and are pleased with the visible growth we see in our project.

José Antonio Cachaza, LaLiga India Managing Director, added:

“The growth and results the LaLiga Grassroots initiative has achieved on a global platform has been phenomenal. Our performance & ranking in the European region amongst the top leagues in world football is a testament to the superior methodology LaLiga has developed. In India, through the LLFS project, it is this same methodology that is in play as we continue to develop the beautiful game in the country. Completing 5 years of the LLFS project in India this year, we continue to build to better enable talent across the country to achieve their football potential.

The heart of LaLiga Grassroots is located in Madrid, where the ESC LaLiga & NBA Centre opened its doors in the summer of 2022, becoming the hub of LaLiga’s grassroots football projects. The main focus of the centre is LaLiga Academy Madrid — a long-term academic and sporting programme open to young footballers from all over the world. 

In conclusion, LaLiga’s commitment to promoting grassroots football and developing young talent worldwide is evident through its various initiatives, including implementation of LLFS in India. With a focus on providing access to global football methodology and technical training, LaLiga aims to empower young athletes and coaches to achieve their full potential, while also advancing the beautiful game at all levels.

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