LaLiga Sponsors 2022-23

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LaLiga Sponsors 2022-23

This article contains information regarding the organisations enjoying a strong branding presence across LaLiga’s physical and digital assets as its sponsors and partners for the 2022-23 season.


EA Sports

EA Sports FC is an upcoming football simulation video game series by EA, the first instalment of which will be released in 2023, with FIFA 23 being the final EA game after termination of its deal with FIFA. 

EA Sports FC and LaLiga entered into a multi-year agreement in August 2022, which will come in effect from the 2023-24 season. The deal is reportedly worth US$205 million over five years.

This deal will completely rebrand LaLiga, with EA Sports FC set to become the title sponsor of all LaLiga competitions. This new partnership will cover the first and second divisions of LaLiga, LaLiga Promises (the league’s annual youth tournament) and eLaLiga.

The rebrand of LaLiga also includes all logos, graphics, fonts and other visual elements while also delivering new in-game integration, broadcast highlights and joint commitments to support grassroots initiatives.



Puma is a German sportswear company with headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. It produces athletic and casual footwear, clothing and accessories. Prior to the 2019-20 season, Puma had signed sponsorship agreements with LaLiga clubs Girona and Valencia.

LaLiga confirmed a long-term partnership with Puma in April 2019. Puma paid €5 million (US$5.6 million) to take over from its predecessor, Nike. In May 2022, Puma unveiled the official LaLiga match ball for the 2022-23 season: the PUMA ORBITA LaLiga.

San Miguel

San Miguel is a Filipino pale lager produced by San Miguel Brewery.

Mahou San Miguel serves as LaLiga’s global beer partner. San Miguel has been with LaLiga for more than a decade and also enjoys international branding rights because of the most recent five-year agreement between the two.


BKT is an Indian off-highway tire manufacturer focusing on agricultural, construction and industrial machinery as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV and gardening vehicles. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has subsidiaries in Italy, the USA and Canada.

BKT first partnered with LaLiga as a global sponsor in 2019. It then renewed its global sponsorship with LaLiga in May 2022 for a new three-year term which is currently set to run until the end of the 2024-25 season.


Sorare was founded in 2018 as a fantasy video game, which now also combines NFT collectables with fantasy sports. The company’s hyper-growth has seen it partnering with various sports organisations and and athletes, including the Bundesliga, Major League Baseball (MLB) and most recently, French football star Kylian Mbappé.

Sorare announced a partnership with LaLiga in September 2021, to launch NFTs for all of its players, creating new revenue streams for LaLiga clubs via a new category of licenses. The partnership with LaLiga is a significant development as it moves into the NFT space for the first time, highlighting the global interest in the fast-growing NFT card space which has sold more than US$130 million in cards this year.


TVM is a global sports metaverse platform project that provides virtual space and content for enjoying sports and entertainment.

The deal between LaLiga and TVM, announced in May 2022, entails the Korean business supporting LaLiga as its official sponsor in the metaverse and work with it to create a unique ecology there. 

The deal, which has a 30-month initial term but is extendable, is also expected to enable LaLiga to include its virtual partners in Triverse, with sports properties able to access a new channel for interaction and communication with users and followers by joining Triverse. 

The metaverse will provide access to official club content such as news conferences, statements, game highlights, and player interviews. Additionally, as users consume authorised material in the metaverse, they obtain prizes and experience points that enable them to acquire more expensive commodities and items that they may use to increase their wealth in the real world.


Socios.com uses blockchain technology and ​​has partnered with more than 150 sports organisations across Europe, South America and the US.

LaLiga and Socios.com announced a partnership in September 2021. Together, Socios.com and LaLiga develop fresh ways for the league’s more-than-800-million global supporters to interact directly with the brand using cutting-edge blockchain technology solutions.


Dapper Labs is a Vancouver-based blockchain company, known for projects such as Cryptokitties, NBA Top Shot and Cheeze Wizards. The company’s platform is known as Flow.

In September 2021, Dapper announced a multi-year partnership with LaLiga to become an official partner of the club.

Speaking about the deal, LaLiga President Javier Tebas said:

“The partnership between LaLiga and Dapper Labs will bring us the closest we’ve ever been to our fans worldwide through a new and growing medium, and alongside the industry partner that created and jump-started the entire NFT movement.”


Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-Ku, Yokohama. Founded in 1993, the company has recently been working on conventional hybrid and 100% electric vehicles. Its e-POWER technology has a fully electric motor drive with a high-output battery powered by a gasoline engine, power generator, inverter and a motor.

LaLiga and Nissan have a collaboration agreement in place that links the league with exclusive e-POWER technology until June 2023. As per the arrangement, e-POWER technology will play a significant role in LaLiga this season, tying its brand to various activations like Players of the Week and specific matches. 

Nissan also plans to use LaLiga as a platform to promote its technology using actual instances of how the effectiveness, energy and acceleration of its tech are noticeable in the field.



Microsoft and LaLiga have been working together since 2016 to sell services provided by LaLiga Tech to international sports groups. The MotoGP motorcycle racing series and Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League have both used La Liga Tech’s anti-piracy capabilities in the past to shut down illicit streaming operations.

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