Ventures Adventures of Luis Hamilton

September 25, 2020

The six-time Formula One Champion and the richest British sportsperson Luis Hamilton is living life to the fullest at the moment. He is currently on the road to win his seventh F1 Championship with Mercedes and is doing well with his endorsements and investments. Apart from all his lavish expenditures on houses and cars, which are hard to not look at, Hamilton has also spent his money on things that would fetch him financial returns. Let us look at the different investments he has made so far.

Clothing Line along with Tommy Hilfiger – The World champion has paired up with American Designer Tommy Hilfiger and has come up with an entire vegan Fashion Collection. The Fall 2020 TommyxLewis clothing line has gone for recycled and more sustainable materials throughout its production. The down is made by eco-friendly materials and the denim features low-impact washes (that means less water usage when produced). 

Neat Burger – The race driver has teamed up with another investor to fund a Fully vegan meat-free burger chain called Neat Burger. He himself is a Vegan and has shown a lot of interest in spreading awareness about it.

Hotel Grenada – Another Investment made by the race car driver was when he invested $30 Million in the Caribbean island hotel/resort which sits in the sea. It his also the place of his dad’s ancestry.

As the British Car driver looks to win his 7th driver championship this year, his sponsors and endorsements will definitely be there with him for a long time and probably make him the richest sportsperson in the world. He also has lucrative sponsorship deals with Bose, Sony and Monster Energy.

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