Masks : The new normal for football

September 8, 2020

COVID-19 has taken over the globe. All sporting events have been badly effected. Spectators are prohibited from attending the matches of their favorite clubs due to the risk of increasing the infection’s spread. The Premier League and many football leagues worldwide have advised the club personnel to wear a face mask and take all the possible precautions to ensure a smooth flow of the tournament. All the different clubs have found a way to use this tough situation to their benefit by making personalized masks featuring their club names and logos. Even sporting brands like Adidas, Nike, etc. have started to make these masks that are being provided to the players and staff of the teams.

Adidas has started making trendy face masks for teams like Manchester United. This will help the community also as Adidas has decided that £2 from every purchased pack of 3 in the UK will be donated to Save the Children’s Global Corona Virus Response Funds. The mask is made from Adidas Primegreen – High performance recycled fabric fee from Virgin plastic. While not medically graded, it is only made to help prevent and avoid transmitting the virus to the public.

Not just Man United, but other Premier League clubs have started to produce face masks for their players and staff, and the fans to wear. The sporting brands sponsoring the clubs are designing it with their logo beside the club’s crest and selling them with the proceeds going to charity. If the clubs kit sponsor is not manufacturing masks, then the mask is being produced by the club itself as their official product. For example, many clubs like Liverpool, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Aston Villa, Chelsea etc are producing their masks as official club merchandise. In contrast, clubs sponsored by Under Armour like Southampton are selling the mask with both the logos printed on it. This step will help the charities and encourage wearing of masks among the people as they will put it on and show support for their respective teams. 

Steps like these are helping the fans to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ and will also give them hope that all of this will soon be over if people take certain preventive measures to ensure the safety of their loved ones. Discussions are still going on about when spectators will be allowed in a controlled manner into the stadiums to watch the matches as the new season starts on the 12th of September.2020, but till then, all we can do is follow the right steps and fancy one or two masks representing your favorite team as a sign of support.

Written By
Shashwat Nishant

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