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Max Scherzer: Net worth | Investments | Sponsorships

June 19, 2023

Born on July 27, 1984, Max Scherzer is an American professional baseball player for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB). He joined the team in 2022 and has played for teams like the Washington Nationals and the Detroit Tigers over the years. 

The seasoned pitcher has been around for quite some time, and his greatest achievement came in 2019 when he won the World Series Title with the Nationals. 

According to reports, Scherzer’s net worth is around US$120 million as of June 2023. 

Brand endorsements


Scherzer has been associated with American sportswear manufacturer Nike for quite some time, Even before the brand entered into a ten-year contract with MLB in 2019.

Scherzer can often be spotted wearing his Nike apparel in pictures he has put up on his social media accounts. 


Baseball gear manufacturing brand Rawlings also has a deal in place with Scherzer. As part of the deal, the brand has even gone on to make a customised Scherzer glove for general public.


Topps is a manufacturer and retailer of collectables and NFTs. It partnered with Scherzer to build a series of collectables based on the baseball star, which were then made available to the public. 


Job search portal Indeed teamed up with Scherzer to promote its services via a commercial in 2021. The commercial featured Scherzer, who emphasised keeping one’s resume updated while applying for jobs. 


Fanatics, a collectables and trading card manufacturing brand, partnered with Scherzer to make a specific set of Scherzer collectables available to the public. Among these was the Scherzer unsigned team debut photograph that, much like the others, one could buy on the brand’s website. 

Papa Johns

Pizza maker Papa Johns roped in Scherzer to participate in a commercial for the company in 2019. The commercial featured Scherzer and Alex Ovechkin to promote the company’s latest line of pizzas.

Johnnie Walker

Scherzer entered into a partnership with Scottish whisky producer Johnnie Walker in 2019. He promoted its customised bottle to celebrate the Washington Nationals’ World Series Title win in 2019 on his Instagram account as part of the deal.

ARIA Exchange

Digital marketplace ARIA Exchange announced in June 2022 that it had partnered with several athletes, including Scherzer, to make a line of NFTs and collectables based on the untold stories of these athletes. 

This idea was titled the “Bold Campaign”, and the first NFT as part of the campaign was released in the summer of 2022. 

Charity work

  • Sherzer and his spouse, Erica May-Scherzer, began the “Scherzer’s Superstars” initiative, which is aimed at helping those in DC faced with medical and societal challenges.
  • Scherzer was also a part of the Stikes for Vets, a UN initiative, and is also involved with animal rescue organisations along with his spouse.
  • Scherzer has also posted pictures promoting Humane Rescue Alliance’s initiatives on his Instagram account.
  • The Polaris Foundation is an organisation that looks to improve youth safety. It teamed up with Scherzer in August 2016, which saw Scherzer provide signed merchandise to those who made online donations for the campaign.

Personal investments

  • In 2020, Scherzer bought a mansion valued at US$9.75 million, which expands over 8,000 square feet, in Jupiter, Florida. 
  • Scherzer and his wife also purchased a property in Brookville, which is valued at US$5 million and comprises five bedrooms and six bathrooms.
  • The couple also recently acquired their second property in Jupiter, Florida, which spreads over 7,200 square feet.
  • Scherzer has an array of exotic automobiles, which include a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and a couple of Teslas. 
  • Scherzer has also invested in Coral Vira — a venture that aims to modernise coral restoration techniques. It received support from both Max and his wife during the seed round.

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