Most popular cricket bets in India: types of cricket betting formats

Most popular cricket bets in India: types of cricket betting formats

December 8, 2023

Perhaps the most common sport for Indian gamblers to wager on is cricket, which accounts for almost 80% of all cricket revenue worldwide. The greatest online cricket betting sites as well as the most well-liked aspects of online cricket betting in India were covered in the article.

Perhaps the most common sport for Indian gamblers to wager on is cricket, which accounts for almost 80% of all cricket revenue worldwide. The greatest online cricket betting sites as well as the most well-liked aspects of cricket betting in India were covered in the article:

  • Match Betting. The majority of bettors place their bets on this format because it is the most popular. The goal of this kind of wager is to determine which team, out of two, will perform better or dominate the other team in a single match, such as an ODI or single game in a competition or series challenge;
  • Tied Match. A lot of punters like to wager on the likelihood that Test matches will result in a draw. This wager, which goes by the name “Draw No Bet,” can be made in addition to match betting. In the event that bad weather, sluggish play, or other circumstances force the match to conclude without a winner being declared, you can utilize it as a kind of hedge. A wager called “Double Chance” is another common operator’s offering that gives a player the choice of “side to win or draw.” The ability to gamble against a tied match by choosing “both sides” is the best feature of placing a monetary stake in the Double Chance;
  • Series Winner. In cricket, teams often play three or five-game tournaments as opposed to one-off matches. “The Ashes” is the best illustration of this. a five-game series between England and Australia. The bettor must select a side to win the best of three or five games in this kind of wager. You will receive the money if your prediction is correct; if not, you will have to try your luck again;
  • Outright Winner. This wager is made on competitions such as the World Twenty20, the ICC Women’s World Cup, the Cricket World, and the ICC Champions Trophy. Instead of picking a team to win a single game, a bettor must select a team to win the entire tournament. It should be mentioned that choosing an outright winner is difficult because there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to choosing a team to bet on. This is the rationale behind bookmakers’ increased odds on bets on the outright winner;
  • Win Toss. A bettor must choose which team will win the toss prior to the start of the match in order to place this proposition wager. The finest part is that the bettor is guaranteed a profit if the action is balanced, even if the operator offers normal odds of 10/11 on either side instead of actual odds;
  • Toss Combination. It can be viewed as a prelude to the Win Toss wager, in which the bettor must forecast which side will win the toss and which team will bat or bowl first. Please remember that in order to win, both of the bet’s components must be true;
  • Odd or Even Run Scores. The player’s goal in this is to guess if a team will score an odd or even amount of runs;
  • First Innings Score. It is restricted to the overall score of the team batting first, but it is still an odd and even wager. To put it plainly, in order to win the wager, you must forecast the first innings’ score;
  • Match Scores. In this kind of wager, you have to estimate how many runs a team will score in total at the conclusion of a single game. The best aspect is that since you have to select a range below which the team will score, you are not limited to selecting a precise number. For instance, in order to win the bet, you must select between 150 and 160 rather than 156;
  • Over/Under Scores. You must forecast the total number of runs scored by the two teams in this kind of wager. Determining whether the score would be over or under a particular standard is the main challenge;
  • Teams Innings Runs. You must guess how many runs a team will score in a specific inning to win this kind of wager. If your guess is correct, you will receive the payout;
  • Most Match Sixes. In this kind of bet, the bettor’s goal is to predict which team will score the most sixes in order to win;
  • Most Run Outs. You have to choose which team will have the most run-outs in the match or series under the “Most run-outs” wager;
  • Total Fours. In this kind of wager, the bettor must forecast the total number of fours that will be made by both teams throughout a game or competition;
  • Partnerships. Partnerships wager falls under the category of in-play or in-running sections of online sportsbook. Under this wager, a bettor needs to predict the team that meets the criteria;
  • Highest 1st 15 Overs. The highest 1st 15 Overs wager is also known as Team to Make Highest 1st 15 Overs Score.

Cricket results in betting.

You can wager not just on the outcome of a match as a whole, but also on the performance of a specific cricket player. You can find information about these kinds of bets below:

  • Top Batsman. Predicting the name of the batsman who will score the most runs throughout the match, series, or tournament is the aim of the Top Batsman wager. This wager is available in several formats to make it simple for you to wager on your preferred players;
  • Team of Top Batsman. If you believe that the Top Batsman wager is too difficult for you, put your money into a Team of Top Batsman wager, where you have to guess which team will produce the top batsman;
  • Top Bowler. The Top Bowler bet is ideal for you whether you wish to bet on Yuzvendra Chahal or are a Bumrah fan;
  • Individual Bowlers Series Wickets. You have to guess how many wickets a certain bowler will take in a competition under the Individual Bowlers Series Wickets wager;
  • Man of the Match. You must guess which player will be crowned Man of the Match at the conclusion of the match in order to place the Man of the Match wager. This wager is typically seen in big competitions such as the ICC Champions Trophy, IPL, etc. It may occasionally be referred to as Player of the Series;
  • Batsman Matches. The bookmaker pits two players—who may or may not be on the same team—against one another in this wager. Selecting a player who will hit the most sixes or score the most runs in head-to-head wagers is the goal of a bettor.
  • Top Score 50 Runs. You must guess which player’s name will be the first to attain this batting milestone in order to win this straightforward wager;
  • Century to be Scored in the Match. It’s a straightforward wager in which you have to select “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether you think the match will feature a century or not;
  • Player Performances. Under this bet, you need to predict the number of runs that will be scored by a specific player. For example, suppose you want to wager your money on your favorite player Rohit Sharma. You can place your bets under Player Performances bet and predict how many runs he will score.

Suppose you are ready to wager your money on different formats of cricket. In that case, we recommend placing bets of the lower amount to practice and becoming perfect enough to wager a huge amount of money on your favorite game.

Types of cricket formats

There are three main formats in which cricket is played: Test, International One Day (ODI), and T20. A sports betting website will almost certainly have a selection of markets for each of the three:

  • Bet on Test Matches. The oldest and most conventional format is the five-day Test Match, which consists of two innings each team played over four days;
  • Bets on ODIs.ODI cricket is a little faster version of the game. Each side plays one over in a competition that lasts around a day, with innings being limited to fifty overs;
  • Place a T20 wager. The quickest format is Twenty20, or T20 as it is commonly called. Each team gets 20 overs in the game, which lasts almost three hours.

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