NBA and WNBA extend Buzzer partnership

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NBA and WNBA decide on Buzzer partnership extension

Buzzer, a live sports look-in platform, has renewed multi-year contracts with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s National Basketball Association, expanding upon its existing collaborations. 

In accordance with the extensions, Buzzer will continue to function as a distributor for the NBA and WNBA League Passes and outside-the-market live game streaming services while also offering pay-per-view (PPV) access to significant game periods. 

In addition to offering live access to NBA and WNBA games, Buzzer will send its users customised notifications based on their preferences and betting history.

Commenting on the extension, Bo Han, founder and Chief Executive of Buzzer, said:

“Our renewal with the NBA and WNBA builds off last season’s success in reaching younger generation fans who opt for shorter-form content and tend to be more player-centric.

“Our average user is 25 years old, which demonstrates how our platform can drive new, younger audiences, engagement and revenue to leagues while also complementing distribution platforms.

“Buzzer reduces friction and makes it easier to watch live NBA and WNBA League Pass games by providing access to Moments via microtransactions and now also with redeemable credits at an equivalent price point across the platform. We will continue to build products that deepen the fan experience and expand as a multi-sport, aggregated platform.”

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