Rafael Nadal Becomes The Face of Amstel ULTRA®

April 19, 2021

Amstel ULTRA®, the premium low-carb, low-calorie light beer, has recruited Tennis legend Rafael Nadal as a global ambassador for its growing lifestyle product offerings, including Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0.

The three-year deal that marks Nadal’s first partnership with a beer brand will see the tennis star support the continued expansion of the Amstel brands into new markets globally. The association will help create more choices for consumers and find a beer that fits their active and balanced lifestyles.

The partnership, through to 2024, will see Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0 feature Rafael Nadal, in a variety of global marketing activities to launch in the coming months, with the creative set to focus on how Amstel’s lifestyle range fits with his balanced lifestyle. Since breaking onto the global Grand Slam circuit, he has been inspiring and influencing people worldwide with his passion and drive to be the best.

Rafael Nadal will also be an ambassador for Amstel 0.0, helping highlight the importance of moderation and responsible consumption as part of HEINEKEN’s wider Brewing a Better World ambition to create more choice for consumers within the zero alcohol category.


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“We are extremely excited to welcome Rafa to the Amstel family. Rafa is known not only for his incredible achievements on the tennis court, but also for living an active and well-balanced lifestyle. This makes him the perfect partner for our growing range of Amstel lifestyle products, including Amstel ULTRA®, Amstel ULTRA® Seltzer, Amstel Malta ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0. Together with Rafael Nadal, we will continue to develop the Amstel ULTRA® brand, as this category continues to grow, helping to reinforce the important message of moderation and responsible consumption through choice.”


“I am very happy to be teaming up with Amstel ULTRA® over the next few years. This past year has been challenging for all of us and there has never been a more important moment to find balance in our lives. Being a professional tennis player and always travelling around the world, I live an extremely active and busy life. But at the same time, I always make time to enjoy moments with those close to me when I can. I believe that everybody must be able to find the right balance that works for them and the Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0 range complement this perfectly.”

Over the next three years, Nadal feature in Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0 TV spots, digital and out-of-home advertising.

Nadal will be the face of several of Amstel’s low calories and low alcohol beers, including:

  • Amstel ULTRA® contains only 85 calories per 355ml bottle and contains 3.5-4% alcohol, making it the perfect beer that fits into consumers’ busy lifestyle, while retaining the same premium Amstel quality they know and love. This proposition has delivered strong growth in Mexico since its launch (in 2018), and will be rolled out to over 10 new countries in 2021.
  • Amstel 0.0 has the same great quality of Amstel beer, but without the alcohol. It is a drink for any occasion, encouraging moderation and responsible drinking for all. Available in over 10 countries, including Spain, Netherlands & Russia.
  • Amstel ULTRA® Seltzer is a sugar and carb-free option recently launched in Mexico, made from mineral water and a unique blend of fruits and herbal notes. With only 80 calories and 4% alcohol, it is a refreshing and sophisticated alternative for the health-conscious drinker.
  • Amstel Malta ULTRA® is a premium non-alcoholic, light malt drink with no added sugar, designed to complement active lifestyles. Available in Nigeria.


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