Rohit Sharma enters the NFT world

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Rohit Sharma enters the NFT world

Indian men’s national cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has announced the launch of his first-ever personal NFT, which is set to be launched on FanCraze, the brand looking to create a metaverse for the world of cricket.

Sharma’s NFT will feature a Rhino artwork along with an image of the Mumbai Indians skipper and will be personalised by his signature. Sharma has been vocal about various animal rights causes, especially for those related with rhino conservations.

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Speaking about the upcoming NFT launch, Rohit Sharma:
It is special for me to take a cause so close to my heart into newer mediums to raise awareness.

We all need to work towards leaving a better world behind, and the NFT with FanCraze will give fans the opportunity to own unique artwork and spread the word around the ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign.

Anshum Bhambri, CEO, FanCraze, added:
It is remarkable that, with his first personal NFT, Rohit is leveraging this disruptive product to create awareness for the ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign. This is just the beginning of what is possible if one combines creators, content, and commerce.

Sharma had launched his own ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign along with WWF India and Animal Planet back in 2015 and has even highlighted the cause on the pitch as well, especially during the 2021 IPL opener where he wore the ‘Save the Rhino’ message on his shoes.

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