Rummy Apps vs. Social Media Apps: What Makes Them Different?

June 8, 2021

Today we are surrounded by technology products, and technological advancements have made our lives easier in many ways. Many things were introduced in the online space that replaced several outdated practices. For instance, hand-written letters were replaced by emails, people went from socializing in-person to connecting over social media platforms, and even classic games often played on a board or with a standard card deck became available online.

The current rage of social media is such that nearly everyone is affected by it. In recent times, social media usage has grown extensively, giving users much more than just an opportunity to socialize.

Alongside social media platforms, online gaming is also very popular today. As a result, traditional games like the rummy game have been introduced in the online space. Thanks to recent technological advancements, the game is now available to people in every nook and corner of the country on their mobile phones, increasing its appeal. With the online version of the game, players can connect with some of the most skilled gamers from across the country and showcase their knowledge of the game and skills to take home real cash prizes.

Given the current social distancing scenario, people have been spending a lot of time online, especially on social media. Instagram has shown a tremendous rise in its user base. Mobile gaming, too, has evolved as a popular recreational activity to overcome boredom. It allows people to spend quality time together as people work from home and practice social distancing. Along with the entertainment dose and the opportunity to spend time productively, online games like rummy allow players to put their skills to the test and win real money.

Social media is a large storehouse where people share their pictures, share the same interest, and express their opinion. In contrast, a rummy game app gives users insights into the game, tests their knowledge of the game and skills, and gives them an exceptional opportunity to win real money.

Social media has been hailed as one of the best growth opportunities in terms of growth in the number of their users. The increase in the number of users directly impacts the revenue of social media platforms. On the other hand, playing an online game also directly benefits the player.

While both platforms consume an individual’s time, the opportunity to win real money by using one’s skills is not available on social media. Though social media influencers get paid, it requires them to have a particular fan following to get returns from such a platform. A rummy platform does not have such requirements for one to win money.

As interesting as social media feels, these platforms can lead to an addiction, unproductivity, and wastage of time. On the other hand, the rummy game provides productive entertainment where one utilizes one’s skills to win exciting rewards. It motivates you to sharpen your skills and win cash prizes.

There is another aspect to social media and online gaming platforms. They have integrated new features and provided players with a platform to connect and communicate with new people who share their interests. With social networking, you can now take your virtual rummy table conversations and interactions to the next level by getting to know the person better, improving communication and fostering long-term connections.

Going for a rummy game download is very simple. You can download a rummy app from a rummy website as well from the App Store and the Play Store. Junglee Rummy is one of the certified online rummy apps in the market. It is India’s leading and most trusted online rummy app with free registration, a user-friendly interface and 100 percent account and data safety and security. It offers the three most popular Indian rummy variations, instant withdrawals, fantastic promotions ranging from welcome bonuses to daily offers, and 24-hour dedicated customer support.

Summing up, one should be equally aware of the benefits of social media and gaming apps. The goal is to make an informed choice about what to invest your time in. They have some common features, yet one has an advantage over the other. Now that you understand all the benefits of both the platforms, you can make an informed choice.

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