Should Football Clubs do More to Keep Fans Engaged Through Entertainment?

October 13, 2021

The entertainment world is becoming a huge behemoth that has gradually encompassed so many things. It has even begun spreading into sports now, with themed games and television series as well as books and merchandise available. Therefore, football clubs should be doing all they can to leverage the power of the entertainment industry, but they also need to ensure they use it in the right way.

Clubs that do this right could stand to boost their following massively. However, there are cautionary tales to be learned from series like All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur.


Clubs Should Exploit the Power of Online Entertainment

Many clubs are trying to get their stories out there to the masses through documentaries on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon. However, few have realized the potential power of other forms of online entertainment. For instance, the online casino industry could be instrumental in boosting their brands. Thanks to the rise of the internet, online casino is very popular in India now, which demonstrates the medium’s potential to reach new audiences.

Sites like Genesis Casino are aimed at players in the country, but the game selections give them a strong taste of popular western entertainment. For example, the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Monopoly slots are based on products that began in the west and were then exported to India. The same could happen with football clubs, who need to begin seeing themselves more as marketable brands in the internet age. Exploring this avenue could be key for clubs who want to break into emerging markets across Africa and India.


Some Documentaries Have Not Gone Down Well

When it comes to commissioning documentaries and allowing camera crews to see all the goings on behind the scenes at football clubs, caution is advised. After All or Nothing, Spurs came out of it in a negative light as it highlighted how the board room was more interested in commercial interests than its reputation. Even though it was good entertainment, it didn’t do much for attracting new fans.

The same thing could happen with Arsenal, as the club’s All or Nothing series is set for release in 2022. Showing too much to the viewers leaves clubs exposed, and it can end up damaging their image rather than enhancing it. Indeed, other clubs could be dissuaded from going down the documentary route and may decide to branch into other forms of entertainment instead.


Promoting the Brand in the Right Way is Key


Football clubs in the Premier League need to understand that they have the potential to be global brands if promoted in the right way. Leveraging different branches of the entertainment industry is the best way to reach a wide range of future fans.

Documentaries can still be a good starting point, but owners need to have full control over what details are shown to the public. The gaming industry has been used to promote films and television series over the years, and it could be harnessed to spread the word about football clubs as well.

There are likely to be several more docuseries about English clubs in the years ahead, and the owners need to ensure that they come out of them in a positive light. The clubs that manage to get their brands into other areas, such as gaming, could benefit greatly from the power of this industry.

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