- The Best Aviator Strategies and Risk Levels

The Best Aviator Strategies For 3 Risk Levels

July 21, 2023

Aviator is a game of chance, with 100% random outcomes, which means you have high risks playing it. Without the right strategy, the session may end in disaster, leaving you with no wins or money.

So, it’s better to follow a strategy to make gaming more safe and rewarding. The strategy can be simple or complicated; it’s up to you. Remember that a strategy doesn’t ensure 100% winning. It only lowers the risks and provides a more consistent approach to gaming. Thanks to that, you get more room for the right decisions without haste.

And Aviator is a game with much haste. Depending on RNG-based mechanics, the decision window lasts 5 seconds, and the total round time might be from 3 to 30 seconds. That’s why strategies are a must. Let’s learn more about them!

Aviator strategy for One Bet

The simplest strategy with one bet suits well for novices who only started to learn Aviator. It helps to learn quickly:

  • high multiplier frequency;
  • the coefficient pattern (how many low and high multipliers you get in a selected timeframe);
  • what can you do with bet settings;
  • in general, grasp the game mechanics on the easiest examples.

You can learn how to change stakes amounts in progressions (Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, etc.) and whether it’s convenient for you. It’s always better to start learning on easiest themes and objects. Then you can extrapolate knowledge on 2 bets and research how 2 bets cooperate in 1 strategy for better wins.

Also, if you have quite a small budget, it could be better to choose 1 bet instead of 2, so you won’t double your spending.

Single bet and low risk strategy in Aviator.

Minimum Risk Aviator Betting Strategy

Aviator is a genuine wonder regarding how flexible its gameplay can be. The minimum risk means you play on low coefficients.

Examples of how to do it:

  1. Autoplay with a setting like “Cashout x1.2”. Insert your favorite small number here, and you’ll get your payments quite stable.
  2. Autoplay with preselected bet amounts like 1, 2, or 5 USD.
  3. A manual betting on predetermined low coefficient: if you see x1.2 number on a field, you press the Cashout button.
  4. A double stake and one of them is autoplay with a low coefficient cashout.
  5. A double stake, both autoplay, but with a spread like x1.2 — x2.27.

You need to take time and analyze the multiplier patterns using the Round history bar to get the optimal coefficient settings. That bar is placed at the top of the game field; press the clock icon at the right to see the full multipliers’ history. Find what coefficients are the most often, and take them as a base for your settings.

The low-risk strategy doesn’t provide much money at once, but it has benefits:

  • you can stay in the game as long as you like;
  • you minimize financial losses;
  • and get an income as stable as possible.

Moderate Risk Aviator Betting Strategy

That strategy includes coefficients that happen not too often and not too seldom. For example, you’ve analyzed the history and noticed that x2 – x3 multipliers comprise 50% of all round outcomes.

So, you set your autoplay stakes to cashout x2.40 and get your payouts in 50% of cases.

It means you need to have enough money to cover losses of another half. Adding to that, think about the stake amount. The sum should be such that winning rounds cover lost ones.

Also, the moderate risk means you need to implement 2 bet strategy. It can be:

  1. One bet is manual, and the other is autoplay with x2 — x3 cashout.
  2. Both bets autoplay with a spread, where the minimum cashout setting would be in the x2 — x3 range.

Such an option might hedge the betting and lower risks.

A risky 2-bet strategy in Aviator.

Risky Tactics for Quick Money in the Aviator Game

We recommend high-risk tactics only after you spend time in the game and learn all its ins and outs! That strategy is dangerous because it leads to a rush and hyperemotional excitement, fogging your critical mind.

You need to have nerves of steel and great knowledge of game patterns to profit Aviator with a high-risk strategy. The tactics include betting on high multipliers, and you need to wait for it in 60 minutes range.

The first life hack would be knowing the patterns. For example, you might notice that x40 range multipliers go in 18 — 20 rounds. So, you need to count.

The second life hack would be to set the autoplay button on a high coefficient. But your budget needs to be large to cover 18 — 20 rounds of losses. And always hedge it with another stake on low and medium multipliers.

Aviator Strategy for Playing With Two Simultaneous Bets

The 2 bet strategy for Aviator needs to be tested in demo mode, and it’s a must. You track 2 stakes at once, and you need to react fast. So it’s better to have predetermined settings of manual and autoplay settings.

Moderate and High-risk strategies must include both stakes; there’s no other way. So, you should set budget limits so the bankroll can live through long loss streaks.

Then, you should divide the budget into stake units and change your bets by them. It’s mandatory when you use progression strategies such as Martingale or Paroli.

So, here are examples of how 2 bet strategy can be implemented:

  1. One manual bet with a flat strategy and another autoplay bet with cashout in the x1.2 range.
  2. One manual with Martingale, and another is an autoplay with low multiplier cashout.
  3. One manual with progression. Another is an autoplay with a high multiplier cashout.
  4. Both autoplay with a spread from low to high multiplier cashout.

You can experiment and test an infinite number of 2-bet strategies in Aviator. Always check them in the demo mode, even if you have an old strategy but play on a new casino site. The new site might have other coefficients and patterns. After testing on a site, deploy your strategy on real money mode. May the luck be with you!

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