The biggest winnings at football bookmakers

The biggest winnings at football bookmakers

January 28, 2024

Football was and remains the number one sport in the world – it is on the fights in this discipline that billions of eyes around the world are focused, and the majority of bookmaker balances also bet on them. It is not surprising that bookmakers have paid out most of the biggest winnings in history for successful football bets. In this article we will cover the most famous betting cases that were successful in the media and we have no doubt that there will be even more stories of this type in the future.

If you want to try your luck, be sure to visit mostbet pk. However, do not forget that sports betting should under no circumstances be considered a source of permanent income, even with the most serious mathematical analysis of the probabilities.

The most successful express train in history

Most players add two or three events to the express bet; with four, the risk already seems completely unjustified. At the same time, bookmakers do not limit the number of matches that can be added to a coupon – it is more profitable for them if the user reduces his own odds with his own hands. But in 2021, a guy from Kazakhstan managed to snatch over $2 million with odds of around 8,767 thanks to the fact that he bet on 44 games at the same time!

Success in such an event is, a priori, unprecedented luck, because football is an unpredictable thing. However, Kazakhstan did everything in its power to make the bet work – to do this, it bet only on clear favorites (the maximum odds on the coupon were just 1.48). Judging by the amount of the bet, which is almost a quarter of a thousand dollars, the player was not poor, but thanks to the victory, his life clearly changed for the better.

Betting Lesson for a Beginner

Avid bettors constantly follow the news, understand mathematical formulas, calculate probabilities – and yet the best of them are barely in the black. And an unidentified Frenchman in 2008 acted much more simply: he had nothing to do, so the man went to the nearest office, took a betting coupon and arranged the results randomly. There is hardly an example of more remarkable luck, because the player won 6.5 million euros!

Although he accepted: probably, the guy himself considered his own luck unhealthy and decided that from the point of view of karma it was somewhat wrong. Therefore, he gave a rare example of wisdom and humanity: leaving a third of the amount for himself, he donated the rest to an orphanage in his hometown. If all winners did the same, the world would definitely be a little better.

Short Expresso in English

If in Kazakhstan for a seven-figure winning amount (in dollars) you need to charge for 44 matches at once, then in England there is a similar example of a coupon for only 6 events. The winner, who won 1.4 million dollars in 2018, didn’t even hide her name – her name is Jacqueline Packham. It seems like it’s not that difficult to guess six outcomes, but we don’t know of any other stories with such payouts.

To be fair, the media doesn’t disclose how much money the girl bet and what the odds were. Apparently, the bet amount was not the smallest, but the size of the winnings is still impressive.

Even the bookmaker is shocked

Any of the examples we’ve given will certainly make bookmakers’ hearts sink, because they certainly don’t include these costs in their own calculations. Most media stories do not mention how the payment was made and whether the bookmaker paid – the only exception seems to be the Frenchman, because in his case it is even known how he spent most of the money. And here is an example of how an office can move to avoid going bankrupt.

In 2001, Englishman Mickey Gibs decided to try his luck in betting. The man was an ordinary worker and paid only a dollar and a half for the ticket, but he guessed all 15 results! It was then that the bookmaker (apparently not the biggest yet) thought: the payment amount should be 1,666,666 dollars, which is regrettable for business prospects. But not paying the funds means losing your reputation. Dilemma!

The abundance of sixes had a negative effect on the winner – he never received the full amount. To the bookmaker’s credit, it even rewarded the player with at least half of the winnings in the amount of 833 thousand dollars, and they can also be heavy on their pockets.

Grandson, don’t disappoint me!

And this story will likely be included in similar collections for decades to come. And the gains there, in a good way, do not seem so big – where 125 thousand pounds sterling compares with the amounts described above. But the indescribable beauty of the occasion is given by the exact bet he made: the grandfather bet fifty dollars that his one and a half year old grandson would grow up, become a professional football player and play in an official game for the Wales senior team. . team!

It is not clear how the grandfather knew this, but the grandson was not mistaken: Harry Wilson not only fulfilled his older relative’s dream, but also became the youngest player on the field in the history of the Welsh national championship. team. Since his debut in October 2013, the midfielder has played more than fifty matches, but is still at his peak. Someone give the old man a tip: this is how you can break the Wales appearances record. And don’t say this is impossible!

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