Top 10 International boxers of all time

December 1, 2020

There have been many boxers in the world, but some of them have that special space in your mind by making themselves remembered forever and ever because of their jaw-dropping performances in the ring. Let us have a look at the greatest boxers of all time from the pre-modern era along with all the recent ones:

Joe Lewis – A great boxer from the pre-modern era, Joe was a very influential boxer at his time, and fights used to be socially and politically important during the world war. He had a record of 66 matches – losing 3 and 52 of them being knockout victories.

Muhammad Ali – This name does not need any introduction. One of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, was one of the first great Muslim athletes. He had a crazy record of 56 wins, out of which 37 were knockouts, and had an amazing stat of only 5 losses in his entire career.

Sugar Ray Robinson – Sugar Ray Robinson was one of the best pounds for pound boxer of his time. He packed a lot of power in his punches, which often won him every match. He had a record of 173 wins, out of which 109 were knockouts, 6 matches had been drawn, and 2 with no result.

Jack Johnson – Legendary boxer Jack Johnson was actually the first American World Heavyweight champion, i.e., even before Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones. He was unbeaten for more than 10 years and had 73 wins, out of which 40 were knockouts and 13 losses.

Jack Dempsey – Jack Dempsey was a pretty wild boxer of his time and used to have pretty good attendance for him as well. He had a record of 66 out of which 51 were knockouts and suffered only 6 losses.

Mike Tyson – Another name that needs no introduction is Mike Tyson, one of the most talked-about boxers of all time. Mike’s style was fierce, and he would strike out the contenders regularly. He had a record of 50 match wins, out of which 44 were knockouts, and lost a total of 6 matches in his career.

Julio Cezar Chavez – Considered the greatest fighter in Mexico, Julio was once unbeaten for almost ten years. He had an amazing record of 107 match wins consisting of 80 knockouts and just 6 losses.

Rocky Marciano – The legendary Rocky Marciano was considered one of the hardest punchers in boxing. He is not as famous as the likes of Muhammad Ali as his competitors were not as tough as them. He had a pretty good record with 49 wins, out of which 43 were knockouts. He suffered no losses during his career.

Henry Armstrong – One of the boxers who gradually started to become great was Henry Armstrong, who had some impressive stats having 150 wins out of which 100 were knockouts and 21 losses. He once had an impressive 27 match unbeaten streak, all being knockouts.

Willie Pep – The first featherweight champion of the world, Willie Pep had a record of 229 wins, out of which 65 were knockout and only 11 losses.

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