Top Brands Shane Warne is Associated With

July 6, 2021
“Shane Warne is one of those cricketers who is curiously lovable. The most colorful character in cricket.”
– Arunabha Sengupta, Cricket Historian


Shane Warne is often regarded as one of the top bowlers in the history of cricket. His trademark leg-spin bowling has led Australia into the most unexpected victories. Warne held the world record for the most wickets (708) taken by any bowler in test cricket, until it was broken by Muralitharan in 2007.

More recently, Shane Warne was associated with the IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals. He has served as the coach for the team and was often seen cheering for the players.

Warne retired from cricket in 2013, however he is still strongly involved with the cricketing media as a commentator and analyst.

Shane Warne enjoys a huge fan following from cricket enthusiasts across the globe. Owing to his charismatic personality, many brands have partnered with him as their brand ambassador.


1. Victoria Bitter

Shane Warne replaced his team mate David Boon as the ambassador for popular beer maker, Victoria Bitter. Victoria Bitter has the highest beer market share in Australia.

Shane Warne has been the face and voice of their marketing campaigns. Victoria Bitter is undoubtedly a brand that Warne enjoyed promoting. In fact, he owns a painting of himself holding a can of Victoria Bitter beer.


2. Advanced Hair Studio

Advanced Hair Studio is one of the most reputed names for hair loss treatment and hair growth solutions. The brand has set up hundreds of studios worldwide. The brand claims that many Hollywood celebrities and sports personalities are a part of their clientele.

According to Shane Warne, he treated his hair loss problem using the Advanced Hair Studio product, and his hair significantly benefited from it. It is, therefore, no surprise that Advanced Hair Studio has now roped him in as their brand ambassador.

The studio is creating awareness about hair loss treatment using Warne as their success story. You can be sure to spot Warne in their advertisement campaigns and in pictures at their studios.

3. Messages on Hold

In 2005, Shane Warne signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with a Perth based company, Messages On Hold. The company offers creative voice overs for audio calls.

Users of the service would often hear Shane Warne’s pre-recorded voice when they called in. This marketing campaign worked like magic for the creative agency.

4. Dafabet

Dafabet is Asia’s leading online betting site. The platform enables punters in India (and across Asia) to bet on popular sports like cricket, football, basketball and tennis.

Over the years, Dafabet has earned a name for themselves in India with their amazing betting platform and awesome live casino games.

Shane Warne signed a five year agreement to represent this leading online betting site. Warne has the class and the fame to carry a big brand like Dafabet to the next level.

Undoubtedly, Dafabet made a real scoop out of teaming up with an A-level cricket celebrity like Warne.

Dafabet is hoping that Warne’s charm will boost the adoption of their cricket products and increase the brand’s popularity in India and other cricket-loving countries.

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