Unacademy wraps up IPL 15 with film called ‘Focus: First Law of Learning’

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Unacademy has launched a new film called 'Focus: First Law of Learning'

EdTech platform Unacademy has launched a new film called Focus: First Law of Learning, based on the fifteenth season of the Indian Premier League. The film talks about the importance of focus, both in the field of cricket and also with education.

The one-minute-and-thirty-five-second film starts off with Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni’s voiceover breaking the fourth wall and asking the viewers, “Is baar IPL se kya seekha?” (What did you learn from the IPL this time?) It is then followed with a compilation of clips put together from some of the most memorable moments of the current IPL season.

The film aims at driving home the message of ‘focus’, shown through the various times the players this season have done wonders on the field. Be it run-outs, catches or stunning bowling or batting performances, players have always kept their focus despite there being a host of off-field distractions. The lyrics in the film are also around the same message of focus and the importance of having a focused mind towards one’s goals.

Karan Shroff, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Unacademy, commented:

At Unacademy, we work with a central vision keeping the Learner at the core of all our decisions and especially our marketing campaigns are driven to empathise further with them in their strenuous journey of cracking goals. This year’s IPL campaign is also produced keeping a relevant life learning of Focus of which we saw multiple instances during the game, helping cricketers crack their goals. Learners go through multiple hurdles during their journey and through this film, we aim to motivate them to remain focused and determined towards their goals.

Unacademy currently serves as an Official Partner of the Indian Premier League, having joined forces with it back in August 2020. 

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