Undecember Character Creation Guide

Undecember Character Creation Guide

December 14, 2022

Undecember is an action RPG hack-and-slash game, where you progress by slaying the enemies, while also completing exciting and adventurous missions. This game is jam-packed with exciting combat and fluid gameplay mechanics. However, unlike typical RPG games, there aren’t any specified character classes, which is what makes it rather confusing. But don’t worry, because by the end of this guide you’ll have an estimate of what you want out of your build.

The game starts with an introduction sequence, which gives the players an idea of what to expect further down the road. After which you get a chance to customize your character, and their physical features, and name it. Once you’re done with that, we’ll move on to what will ultimately define your experience of Undecember, the skills, and the stats of your character.

It could be pretty daunting for beginners and many of them end up getting Undecember Boosting to get their character right. But we will go over the basics of how to create your very own character from the ground up that resonates with you!

The Building Blocks

In Undecemeber, you factor in the Gear, Zodiac, Skill, and Link Rune to develop the build that is unique to you and gives you your desired in-game personality. But unlike most RPG games, it’s not all about looks and appearances, these elements boost certain stats and unlock skills and are a connection between skills and attacks of your build. With all these combined, you can make hundreds of variations to land on your desired build.

Even though there are plenty of variations, each for its own unique purpose, this guide will simplify it for you into 3 types.

1. Strength Build

The strength-based build is for players who want to play a style consisting of dealing high damage, and the majority of runes, gears, and zodiacs you’ll find in the game focus on strength. Therefore, there’s a variety of options to choose from when it comes to this build. You should go for this if you like to play offensively on the front.

Skill Runes: when creating the strength building, you should go for the Skill Runes that directly impact the strength points. Choose the one from the list that is most suitable to your playstyle:

  • Whirlwind, Channeling Enhancement, Strong Regenerative Power, Quick Attack, Toxic Flame, Fireball

Link Runes: Opting for the ones with increased strength and attack damage.

Gear: The ideal gear for this build must have elemental resistance and, additionally, poison damage. Two-handed weapons with boosts work perfectly in this build.

Zodiac: Improving stats for strength with Zodiac points should your top priority for this build.

2. Dexterity Build

This build is most suitable for archers and is perfect for dealing with opponents with higher HP levels. It focuses on agility, range, and dealing critical damage to the enemies, therefore it relies heavily on the gear, runes, and zodiac to be agility based. However, creating this build is relatively straightforward.

Skill Runes: Nothing complicated with choosing skill runes, just opt for one of these:

  • Toxic Flame, Piercing Arrow, Find Weaknesses, Slaughter, Illusion Arrow, Teleport, Attack DMG Increase.

Link Runes: Runes that boost dexterity and increase attack or agility.

Gear: Long-range weapons, usually a bow with high damage.

Zodiac: Lucky for you, there are no complications when it comes to Zodiac points, you can spend them on dexterity and strength while intelligence can be ignored.

3. Intelligence Build

One interesting thing to note is that this build is very specific where the player’s main focus is on a certain skill. Another is that it can only be created when playing with a mage. This build allows you to do multiple things at a time on the battlefield, making use of illusions and distractions. This is perfect for those who like to play defensive without getting their hands dirty diving in the center of the battle!

Skill Runes: An important part of making this build, is correctly choosing the Skill Runes. And you can do that by taking into consideration your playstyle and selecting the one most appropriate to you.

  • Flamethrower, Fire Ball, Channeling Enhancement, Spell Activation, Multishot, Teleport, Spell Damage Increase, Use Count, Minion HP, Summoning Abyssling, Minion Armor.

Link Runes: Simply go for the ones that boost intelligence or dexterity.

Gear: When selecting gear you’re required to go for a magician’s attire, and a magical weapon, which in turn will increase your magical damage.

Zodiac: Your first priority is intelligence, second is strength. Dexterity can be ignored after reaching level 10.


To conclude, no build is better than the other, and it all comes down to personal preference and experimentation. And eventually, you will want to stick to what resonates with you and your play style. However, if you’re still unsure and want something versatile, a strength build is the one to go for as a beginner who’s still figuring things out.

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