What Makes T10 Such an Exciting League?

August 18, 2021

T10, or Ten10, Cricket is a shorter form of cricket. Two teams play a single inning, with teams restricted to a maximum of 10 overs per side. The games last only 90 minutes, compared to the traditional 6-hour all-day affairs of traditional cricket matches. T10 is just one of a list of ways that cricket leagues are trying to get new fans into the sport. The first T10 competition took place just four years ago, in 2017. Still, notable figures like England Cricket Team captain Eoin Morgan have already supported the idea of using the format for the Olympics.


What Do Cricket Fans Like About T10?

T10 league matches have shown success already, but what is it that makes the league so exciting? One of the most apparent suggestions is, of course, the time restriction. Traditional matches last for several hours, which can make it difficult for fans to stay interested. In our modern world, it can be hard to carve out an entire day, and even if you’re a hardcore cricket fan, it’s understandable to see your mind starting to wander over the day. There’s a lot of downtime in traditional cricket between periods of excitement, so it’s easy to drift in and out of the match. With T10 cricket, the matches are restricted to 90 minutes, which is short enough to keep a fan’s attention and make the game more exciting because you’re aware that they literally haven’t got all day.


Does Anyone Dislike It?

While cricket pundists have criticized the format of the T10 league, it’s precisely the restrictions that traditionalists are protesting that make the league so exciting. Teams are limited to 10 overs per side, which forces teams to think more about strategy. There is no time to settle into the game – if the batsman wants the team to do well, they need to be more aggressive from the outset to rack up the points as quickly as possible in a limited space of time. T10 cricket forces batters to play the game differently, and it’s the renewed sense of determination in teams that have traditionally been slower and more methodical which makes T10 cricket so exciting.

Apart from the ten overs per side rule, no bowler is allowed to bowl more than two overs in an innings, which further piles on the pressure for the bowler and the tension for the fans. The thrill of watching your favorite team adjust their style of play to try to get the edge on their competition leaves cricket fans hooked on the game and waiting to see what will happen next.

If a team runs into a deadlock, T10 cricket introduces a “Super Over,” which is effectively a tiebreaker. Each team will get one over to score as many runs as possible with two wickets in hand. This further adds to the excitement – it’s similar to a penalty shootout in football, so you can see why it’s getting even non-cricket lovers hooked!!


Following The Game

Whether you follow the European T10 league or you’re just interested in watching the whole match, there is no doubting that this new way of playing has helped mix things up a bit. If you’re looking to place a bet or two on the game, now is the time to do your research, so you know exactly what to expect from the upcoming games.

There’s no doubt that T10 cricket has been met with both excitement and criticism, but it genuinely does make for a more exciting game that’s sure to entice new fans.

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