Zhou Guanyu announced as HSBC China ambassador

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Zhou Guanyu announced as HSBC China ambassador

Alfa Romeo’s driver Zhou Guanyu has been announced as HSBC Bank China’s latest brand ambassador. The partnership will see HSBC use Zhou’s profile to encourage the youth to pursue their goals and dreams.

The partnership with Zhou also builds on HSBC’s goal in the region to support the development of a new sporting generation. HSBC, along with roping in a Formula One star, also sponsors the Junior Golf Development Program in China.

Speaking about his new role, Zhou commented:

In order to realise my dream, I have been moving forward firmly and constantly breaking through myself. Although I have experienced a very difficult growth road, I always believe that as long as I work hard, my dream can be realised. On the road of chasing my dream, I am very. It is an honour to work with a partner like HSBC, which has both local feelings and international vision, to stimulate potential, exceed goals, and show the style of China’s new generation on the world stage.

Wang Yunfeng, President and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC China, added:

In a sport dominated by European and American players like F1, Zhou Guanyu’s hard work and sweat can be imagined to achieve today’s results. What we have achieved is the quality of not being afraid of challenges and sticking to our original aspirations, which is very consistent with our spirit of maintaining resilience and forging ahead as a financial institution. 

By inviting Zhou Guanyu as the brand spokesperson of HSBC China, we hope to inspire more young people to be fearless Difficulties, dare to chase their dreams, and provide support for them to realise their dreams on a wider stage.

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