Best Fantasy premier League (FPL) mini-leagues in India and globally

August 3, 2023

Why restrict yourself to just one overall league or country-based leagues and cups? Give yourself the best shot at winning something this season by adding some free-to-join FPL mini-leagues to your list with prizes that include cash, merchandise and much more. 

Here is a list of all the best free-to-join private mini-leagues and the details on how to join them in this 2023/24 FPL mini-Leagues article. 

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AllaboutFPL are India-based premium fantasy football content and tools providers. This season, they will be handing out a customised trophy to their league winner, shipped anywhere in the world. 

League Code: bf866r

Who’s Got The Assist?

This 2023/24 season, Who’s Got The Assist? will be commissioning a customised and very elegant-looking trophy for the winner of the WGTA Mini League. With nearly 5,000 FPL managers and counting, the competition will be bigger than ever. 

League Code: minlud 

The FPL Bois

Created by a group of four passionate Manchester United fans, this year The FPL Bois have launched the Rising Stars Mini League, open for all their followers. All you need to do is follow them on Twitter and re-tweet their post. After that, they’ll DM their league to you. 

(Link: https://twitter.com/thefplbois/status/1676636725798469633?t=9ItvcrXBRNK0H3ugEQcbWQ&s=19

Trophy Mini League

Last season, Trophy Mini League handed out Amazon vouchers to the top three rankers. This season, they might just make it a top ten depending on the number of competitors. However, you need to retweet the tweet given below to make yourself eligible for the prizes. 

League Code: cu8upe 

(Link: https://twitter.com/TrophyFpl/status/1676913244391260161?t=5Nx1_3YAp_1lXcp–FDlqw&s=19

Planet FPL

Planet FPL is one of the most popular FPL podcasts out there. And you’ll be delighted to learn that they have a mini-league of their own. 

League Code: 6qitz5

FPL Manager India

The FPL Manager India mini-league is one of the biggest FPL contests in the country. Free to all, this league offers a brand new PS5 to the winner, with the top-three also bagging a 2023/24 Premier League jersey. Follow the instructions given in the Tweet below to join the contest. 

League Code: tn20nv 

(Link: https://twitter.com/FPLManagerIndia/status/1680552072595271680?t=nscCIZ6OUZYBiFVTUSa05g&s=19

FPL JianBatra

Popular FPL content creator FPL Jian Batra is back with another season of his private FPL mini-league. There are prizes for the top-three rank holders, and the league is free-to-join for all. Follow the instructions and become a part of this amazing contest. 

League Code: ks44hv 

(Link: https://twitter.com/FPL_JianBatra/status/1680230929896292355?t=avI-l-XmnzZ2vyykFoPN1g&s=19

FPL Zlatan Mini

Fantasy Football content creator FPL Zlatan has started his very own private mini-league and the prizes on offer will surely pique your interest. The winner will get a prize money of £250, the second-placed manager will get a mystery jersey, and the cup winner will receive exciting merchandise from @MysteryFootyCo. 

League Code: 9332u8

(Link: https://twitter.com/FPL_Zlatan/status/1680330016335306754?t=8FqKpp6iWLK5g5sSkdsP0g&s=19

Jersey Premier League

JPL India are back with their seventh season. Although not a free-to-join league, the prizes on offer make up for the small registration fee that you’ll be paying. With a deadline set before the start of Gameweek 1, be sure not to miss out on this amazing chance to win some real cash prizes.

Last season, they had a total prize pool of ?77,000, with the winner receiving ?5,000 and a Vaporknit 1st Copy football jersey of their choice. Follow the instructions given in the Tweet below to join this league. 

(Link: https://twitter.com/JPL_India/status/1683510396324564992?t=Yfx2ADVqShjmxWGhACyEVg&s=19)

FPL Panchayat

Hosted by popular Indian football and fantasy football content creator DROG BABA and Pranay Singh, the FPL Panchayat private mini-league is open and free-to-join with monthly prizes and a season prize pool worth ?10,000. Follow the instructions to become a part of this popular private FPL league. 

Link: https://twitter.com/FplPanchayat/status/1682733646317518848?t=iX6kw90LKZIZlmxyrtDLyA&s=19

FPL Shillong Mini League 

We’ve saved the best for last. FPL Shillong is back with another season of the Fantasy Premier League action, and the stakes are higher than ever before. With the biggest prize pool in the list, this is the league of all leagues.

Although open-to-all, there is an ?800 entry fee, which is worth giving a shot given the prizes up for grabs. Click on the link below and follow the instructions to become a part of one of India’s biggest FPL leagues. 

(Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CvScA48JJYa/)

“Blood, Sweat, and Beers!!!” by SportsKhabri

Okay yeah, this is a self-plug from our end!

But after two successful seasons, where the headcount almost breached the 1,500 mark, we are hoping to double this before the entry window closes (which has been December 31 for the last two editions). 

Not only do you get bragging rights, you also stand a chance to win monthly rewards, with the top three and the Cup winner getting prizes worth up to ?10,000 at the end of the season.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

League Name: “Blood, Sweat, and Beers!!!”

League Code: 4ggsh5

Link: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/4ggsh5

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