How to create a Fantasy Premier League account

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How to create a Fantasy Premier League account

With the Premier League just around the corner, millions of fans worldwide have already put on their thinking hats in an attempt to rule the fantasy world.
Fantasy Premier League (FPL), one of the world’s largest online fantasy games, sees millions of people worldwide compete against each other. The game sees you as a fantasy manager, picking a squad of 15 players from the current Premier League season, and over the course of a season, the points scored by your players help your team rank higher amongst the players worldwide. You can create your team, play with friends in private leagues or even participate in public leagues against players worldwide.
Let’s get down to the very basics today and see how we can create a Fantasy Premier League (FPL) account in three very simple steps!
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Step 1

Right at the start, you would need to head over to the FPL website – https://fantasy.premierleague.com/  and click Sign up.

How to create a Fantasy Premier League account - Signup

Step 2

Fill up the Registration Form with your details. Select your email preferences if you want to stay updated with the latest news from your favorite club(s). Agree to the Terms & Conditions and complete your registration!

Fantasy Premier League - Registration Form

Step 3

Once you have finished your registration, you will get a verification email in the inbox of the ID you signed up with. After confirming your email, you can log into your FPL account with the ID and password you signed up with!

How to create a Fantasy Premier League account - verification email

Once you have successfully created your FPL account and logged in, create your FPL team, join leagues and showcase your football knowledge against the best in the world!

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