Formula One partners with China Telecom

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Formula One partners with China Telecom

Formula One has announced a partnership with China Telecom ahead of the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix. The partnership will last till the end of the 2022 season, for the final six races, providing fans all across China the opportunity to stay up to date with the action on track. 

The partnership will see Formula One broadcast to the fans in the Chinese region, providing the fans an opportunity to catch all the action from practice sessions to qualifying sessions and the races on multiple devices. Fans will also get a chance to switch between different feeds such as Pit Land Channel, Driver Track and On-board Cameras.

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Michaella Snoeck, Head of Media Rights at Formula One, commented:

As we continue to expand our digital offering around the world to cater to our fan base in new and exciting ways, this new partnership with China Telecom is great news for our fans in China. Our fans are becoming increasingly engaged with F1 and this new partnership, which sits alongside our existing broadcast partnerships with CCTV, Shanghai TV and Guangdong TV ensures those with a passion for Formula 1 can experience the thrill of our sport in a way that suits them.

Lu Weilun, Assistant General Manager at New Guomai Digital Culture, China Telecom, stated:

China Telecom sees its partnership with Formula 1 as another crucial strategy of tapping into the sports licensing market. We will make full use of the advantages of 5G technology with large bandwidth, low latency and cloud network integration to subvert the tradition of producing and broadcasting sports events, thus to provide our users with an unprecedented and immersive audio-visual experience of Formula 1.

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