Jimmy Butler’s net worth, investments and sponsorships

Jimmy Butler’s net worth, investments and sponsorships

June 9, 2022

Jimmy Butler III was born on September 14, 1989, in Houston, Texas. He played one year of college basketball with Tyler Junior College before getting transferred to Marquette University, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts/Science degree. Butler was drafted as the 30th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. 

Butler is a very technical player who plays efficiently as a team player, bringing the best out of his teammates. He has played for the Bulls for most of his career but also played for a few seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. He’s currently been playing for the Miami Heat since the 2019-20 season. 

Jimmy has been known for his bad behaviour in the locker room and for not being very cooperative with his teammates. However, when fans witnessed his performance with the Heat, everyone realised that he just needed a like-minded environment, something he got in Miami. The Heat were crowned the Eastern Conference Champions during his first season with them. 

Jimmy wasn’t good in his starting years in the NBA but has learned to put consistent numbers on the court now. In his first six seasons in the NBA with the Bulls, he averaged 15.6 points per game, but for the Miami Heat he has been averaging 20.9 points, 6.2 assists and 6.5 rebounds per game. Because of his improved stats, he has also been receiving several recognitions, which include:

  • 6x NBA All-Star
  • 4x NBA All-NBA First Team
  • 2020-21 Steal Champion
  • 5x All-Defensive First Team
  • 2014-15 Most Improved Player

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Jimmy Butler’s Investments

  • In 2020, Jimmy started his coffee shop while in the NBA bubble, which was created by the NBA in which all players were staying in the Disney Bubble or the Orlando Bubble during the height of the COVID pandemic. He now blends his own coffee beans and practices latte art and is hoping to start his own café, ‘BigFace Coffee’. 
  • Jimmy owned a 6BHK house in Chicago when he played for the Bulls, which also had a billiards table and a big bar. The house went on the market as soon as Butler left the city. He also had a Pennsylvania house on the market for around US$6.8 million, located in Ambler. Now, with his contract with the Heat, Butler has a house in Miami which is reportedly worth US$7.4 million. 
  • Despite being a millionaire, Jimmy still owns a US$30,000 Toyota Sienna minivan, which he says is for her baby Rylee and her mother. He also has a Jaguar.  

Jimmy Butler’s Net worth

Butler receives an average salary of US$34 million from the Miami Heat. In the 2021 summer, he extended his contract with the Heat in a deal worth US$184 million that is set to run until the end of the 2025-26 NBA season. Jimmy’s net worth is estimated to be approximately US$60 million. 

Jimmy Butler’s Charity work

Jimmy Butler got injured in 2015 when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls; he made good use of his time off the court by raising awareness about child hunger and making charitable contributions. He also donated US$10,000 for every 100 three-pointers he made to the Phoenix Military Academy. His contributions to charity earned him the NBA Cares Community Assist Award in 2017. 

Jimmy Butler’s Sponsors / Endorsements

Jimmy is considered one of the top team-leaders in the league. He is also one of the most-known faces in the East now. Big name brands have been all over him. Here are some of his endorsement deals:


Butler signed a multi-year contract with Li-Ning in November 2020. He followed in Dwayne Wade’s footsteps in trying to make the Miami Heat great again and signed with the same brand that gave Wade a lifetime contract in 2018. Jimmy ended his deal with Nike’s Jordan brand to sign with the Chinese sports apparel company.


In 2016, American clothing brand Bonobos announced Butler as one of its brand ambassadors. Jimmy starred in the company’s “Wear No Doubts” campaign. He also appeared in its commercials driving a car, dunking a basketball and walking around on the street while wearing the brand’s apparel. At that time, Butler played for the Chicago Bulls and had just won the gold medal at the Rio Olympics.


Butler signed with American hydration company AQUAhydrate in his early years with the Chicago Bulls. He used to promote the company on his social media.

Michelob Ultra

Butler signed with beer brand Michelob in 2019. He has appeared in several commercials for the company. 
The NBA itself has a deal in place with US-based brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev. In July 2020, Michelob Ultra was announced as the NBA’s official beer partner, replacing Budweiser, also an AB InBev-brewed beer. 

Jimmy Butler’s Past endorsements


When Butler entered the NBA, after just a few seasons, he was signed by Nike’s Jordan brand, which he chose over Adidas and other shoe companies. He wore the brand for more than five seasons in the NBA, also wearing Nike’s Kobe after the death of the legend. Butler and Jordan brand parted ways in 2020.

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