Mastercard releases new film with de-aged Messi

Mastercard releases new film with de-aged Messi

May 27, 2022

Lionel Messi stars in Mastercard’s latest ad film along with Lionel Messi himself! 

Mastercard’s latest advertisement, titled What’s Priceless to You, showcases a young, de-aged Messi. The one-minute-twenty-second advertisement starts off as we follow the adult Messi heading into the stadium ahead of a game. The ad then goes back in time to show a 13-year old Messi, anxious, nervous and scared as he is flying to Spain, leaving behind his life in Argentina. The young Messi wonders whether the world will accept his talent and also about what will happen to those things he leaves behind — the Priceless things. As he walks out of the airport, he comes across the adult Messi who states, “What’s Priceless to you, comes with you, as long as you do what you love.” The film ends with both versions realising that even though they are at different stages of their lives, the love they have for football remains the same.

Messi spoke about the film itself and what the message meant to him, stating:

I had doubts and fears to overcome to get to where I am today—and, honestly, have done far more than I was ever able to imagine when I was a child. It was my passion and love of the sport that kept me going.

The game of football has given me so many ‘Priceless’ experiences and allowed me to accomplish much more off the pitch through the Leo Messi Foundation, other endeavours and the support of all the fans.

It’s always a joy to interact with kids. And it is remarkable how we used technology to mirror my younger self. I wish I had the opportunity in real-life to speak with my younger self to instil confidence and let him know his hard work and sacrifices will pay off—and that he’s still playing the game he loves.

Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, added:

We are looking forward to celebrating the global appeal of football at the UEFA Champions League final in Paris later this month and bringing fans closer to their passions.

The ad film, created by McCann, has been released just ahead of the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Mastercard is currently one of the main sponsors of the UEFA Champions League.

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