Too Yumm Gets Aggressive, Takes a Dig at Kurkure!

December 10, 2018

Time and again, the advertising world has actively participated in brand rivalries. From Mercedes-Jaguar to Colgate-Pepsodent, the competitive wave has engulfed many big names. Quite recently, Indian snack brand, Too Yumm, also started an advertising brawl against one of its competitors, Kurkure.


Almost a decade ago, different taglines such as, “Khoob Karare, Khoob Chatpate, Lehar Kurkure” and “Tedha hai par Mera hai” were used to advertise PepsiCo owned Kurkure. The product was extensively advertised using Kukure’s then brand ambassador Juhi Chawla. The ads and slogans were so appealing that they permanently stayed in the minds of us Indians. Moreover, their double meaning element further added on to their popularity and even won the brand many awards.

Now, in 2018, Too Yumm, has acted on these popular taglines of Kurkure for its own advantage. Taking a dig at its competitor, Too Yumm has launched a TVC featuring brand ambassador Virat Kohli titled “Baahar Se Tedha! Andhar Se Seedha!”

In the 30 seconds advert, Virat is eating his favourite Too Yumm snacks. A lady enters the frame holding a packet of an anonymous yet similar looking snack brand. With each bite, she praises her snack with an adjective taken from Kurkure’s slogans. Sarcastically, Virat repeats her action while referring to his packet of Too Yumm. The lady then looks at a piece of her snack and says, “tedha hai.” Virat responds quickly by saying that Too Yumm is “seedha” from inside because it is baked and not fried.

It has been three days since the advert released and Kurkure’s team has still not made any comment on it. It is also a good time to point out that the people at Kurkure really need to focus on their social media platforms. At times like these, a witty tweet or perhaps a funny meme could have helped them profit from Too Yumm’s advertising strategy.

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