Daniel Ricciardo aims to drive change with Save the Children partnership

December 22, 2021

The Formula One driver joins as an Official Ambassador.


McLaren‘s Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo has joined hands with Australian child rights charity Save the Children, which will see him become an Official Ambassador of the charity.

Ricciardo will raise awareness on the issues the children face in Australia and will also focus on education worldwide through his new role. His first involvement with the Save the Children project was through the ‘Hands on Learning’ program.

The ‘Hands on Learning’ program started back in 1999 and is now accepted by over 100 schools in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Through the program, students are encouraged to learn social and personal responsibilities, create projects outside the classroom and work in groups to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. The program’s main goal is to create a connection between wellbeing, student disengagement, academic performances and health.


Ricciardo spoke about his experiences and what he hopes to bring to the role and how he hopes to make a difference:

As someone who struggled a bit to remain engaged at school, I’m really excited to be able to tell my personal story to encourage, inspire, and support young people to build the social and emotional skills to achieve and succeed at school.

It was actually my niece and nephew who made me realise I wanted to work with Save the Children. Looking at them growing up, then thinking about my own childhood, I realised just how fortunate we are with family, schooling, and opportunities beyond.

It made me realise that not every child has this, so I wanted to contribute in a meaningful way to children who might need some extra support. I am passionate about supporting young people who don’t connect with learning in the traditional classroom to demonstrate their talents in practical ways which helps them build the confidence to realise their potential.

It’s been great to have some direct involvement with the Hands on Learning program. Being able to witness young people set a goal, work towards that task and succeed, it’s really empowering for them – and me. Just hearing these children talk with genuine excitement and passion about these opportunities, it’s amazing and something I really think will set them up for future success.

I’m just hopeful that I can share some stories and some advice that can resonate with young people in their programs. Take it from me, I wasn’t the perfect student at school, but I chased something I was passionate about and for me that’s what’s important. If I can impart that to anyone, I’ll be really happy.

I don’t think it’s easy being a child at the moment. Life just seems a little more complicated compared to when I was growing up. Right now, I think it’s challenging for young people to find their way, so I’m just hoping that we’re able to provide support, help them chase what they’re passionate about. They’re the future and we should be giving them the best possible head-start.


Ricciardo recently met students from all over Australia in an online Q&A session and also shared his experiences growing up.

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