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The Biggest Sponsors of Football Teams

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Sponsorship deals are among the most lucrative deals in the world of football. Football teams depend on sponsorship deals to invest in superior equipment, sports attire, training facilities, and other things. This means that football teams need sponsorship deals to boost their performances by availing necessary funds to be the best. In exchange, sponsors benefit by having the sponsors’ brands promoted by the football clubs through their fanbase.

For instance, brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi sponsor many sports teams. Football is undoubtedly one of the most wagered sports globally, so it’s no surprise that betting firms would seek to sponsor football teams. In the meantime, if you wager on football, the Betway promo code is something you should consider to enhance your game experience. Now, let’s discuss some of the biggest sponsors of football.

5. Emirates – Arsenal FC

Emirates’ sponsorship deal with Arsenal is the fifth most lucrative in world football. The Middle Eastern company has sponsored many European clubs, including Real Madrid and PSG. The Gunners’ deal with Emirates is 47.5 million euros per season.

This deal is not as valuable as that agreed with Real Madrid because Arsenal are not as popular as the Spanish giants. Nonetheless, it remains one of the biggest deals in football’s history.

4. TeamViewer – Manchester United/ Etihad – Manchester City

TeamViewer’s deal with Manchester United and Etihad’s with City are joint fourth. Etihad is the other Middle Eastern airline sponsoring a football team. Man City’s deal with Etihad is valued at 55 million Euros per season.

It has a similar value as TeamViewer’s sponsorship deal with Manchester United. It is unusual for software companies to use football events to promote their brands.

3. Spotify – Barcelona

Barcelona signed a sponsorship deal with Spotify that saw the Spanish giants have Spotify’s logo and names of famous artists on player jerseys. Also, the logos on the jerseys change based on the artist mentioned.

The deal was signed in 2022 and is worth 57.5 million euros per season. It is the third most lucrative deal.

2. Accor – Paris Saint-Germain

The sponsorship deal between PSG and Accor is the second most lucrative deal. Accor pays PSG 65 million Euros per season to have its logo on PSG player jerseys in the agreement.

They signed the deal in 2019, replacing Emirates. The sponsorship deal was made at a time when Kylian Mbappe’s popularity was rising in the football world.

1. Emirates – Real Madrid

The deal between Emirates and Real Madrid is the most lucrative in football. The middle eastern airline pays 70 million per season to have its name and motto on Real Madrid player jerseys.

They signed the deal in 2013-14 when Cristiano Ronaldo was still playing at the club. Real Madrid rewarded the sponsorship with incredible results on the field, winning four champions league titles.

The Biggest Sponsors of Football Teams
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