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Ukraine national football team sponsors 2024

Rahul Saha Rahul Saha

This article contains information regarding the organisations enjoying a strong branding presence across the Ukraine men’s and/or women’s national football teams’ physical and digital assets as sponsors and partners of the Ukrainian Association of Football.

Name of the football association: Ukrainian Association of Football (UAF)

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Main Sponsors 


Lvivske is a brand of Ukrainian beer produced by Lviv Brewery since 1715 (currently PJSC Carlsberg Ukraine, part of the Carlsberg Group). 

In January 2021, Lvivske replaced Persha Pryvatna Brovarnia (PPB, “First Private Brewery”) to become the UAF’s official beer sponsor and the national sponsor of the Ukrainian men’s national football team after signing a four-year partnership agreement deal set to run until the end of 2024. 


Founded in 2003 by Vigen and Vahe Badalyan, VBET is an online gambling company headquartered in Armenia offering a platform for sports betting, online casino, live casino, poker, esports, and other online games. 

In September 2021, VBET signed a multi-year partnership agreement with the UAF to become a premium sponsor of the Ukrainian men’s national football team. 


WhiteBit is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading digital assets and offers real-time orderbooks, charting, technical analysis tools, and many such features. The exchange was founded by Vladimir Nosov and registered in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2018. It is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. 

In January 2023, WhiteBit became the official crypto partner of the Ukraine men’s national football team after signing a four-year partnership deal with the UAF. 


Joma is a Spanish sports clothing and shoes brand. Founded in 1965, it is one of the biggest sportswear brands in Europe.

Joma has been acting as the official kit supplier to the Ukraine national football teams since 2017. 

Official Partners 

UAF Marketing 

Founded in 2016, UAF Marketing is owned by the UAF and deals with all areas of marketing and commerce of the organisation. 


Oranges is a Kyiv-based IT solutions and web services provider. 

National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine

The university opened in 1930 as the National Institute of Physical Education of Ukraine in Kharkiv. In 1944, the institute was transferred to Kyiv and changed its name to Kyiv State Institute of Physical Education.

After the country got its independence in 1995, the university was reorganised into the Kyiv National University of Physical Education, which in 1998 acquired the status of a national institution and adopted the name “National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine”.

Professional Football League of Ukraine 

The Professional Football League of Ukraine is a sport organisation and a collective member of the Ukrainian Association of Football. Created in 1996 as a representative of professional clubs in Ukraine, since 2008, it has only represented professional clubs in the lower leagues (second and third tiers).

Licensing Center of the Ukrainian Football Association 

Based in Kyiv, the Licensing Center of the Ukrainian Football Association provides aspiring coaches with adequate training for their respective professional coaching badges. 

Association of Amateur Football of Ukraine 

Founded in 1998, the Association of Amateur Football of Ukraine is a sports organisation that administers national competitions of association football among amateur and children teams. The AAFU is also a collective member of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian Women’s Football Association (VAZHF)

The All-Ukrainian Association of Women’s Football is a Ukrainian public organisation that governs and organises all women’s football competitions in Ukraine, including league competitions.

Ukrainian Premier League 

The Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) as a sports competition is the highest division of professional football in Ukraine.

Originally known as the Vyshcha Liha, the UPL was formed in 1991 upon discontinuation of the Soviet football championship and included the Ukraine-based clubs that competed previously in the Soviet top three tiers. 

UEFA Grassroots Programme 

As part of its attempts to ensure that the grassroots flourish around Europe, UEFA set up the UEFA Grassroots Charter in 2005.

The project was devised for associations as a tool for upgrading grassroots programmes and for evaluating and rewarding UEFA’s 53 member national associations for their grassroots work. A total of 51 are now members, with the others in the evaluation process, and a major part of UEFA’s work involves motivating, stimulating, and supporting them in consolidating these activities.

FIFA Talent Development Scheme 

Kick-started under the guidance of FIFA Chief of Global Football Development, Arsène Wenger, in 2020, the FIFA Talent Development Scheme aims to help member associations fulfil their potential by ensuring that every talented player has a chance to be detected and developed.

Beach Football Association of Ukraine 

Futsal Association of Ukraine 

Ukraine national football team sponsors 2024
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